The famous 52-year-old actor and all-American car enthusiast Matthew McConnaughey has shown some interest in the Texas gubernatorial races, with polls showing that he could actually throw a punch or two as he is preferred in both one-on-one matchups with Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke.

He has been teasing a run for governor over the past few months but refused to make an official statement whether he would run as Democrat or Republican, as his views seem to be centrist-oriented.

He has never stated whether he votes red or blue but his previous endeavors regarding politics and his heritage suggest that he may be leaning toward the conservative side.

The polls currently show that McConnaughey is preferred in his fictional matchup with Abbott, leading by 8 points, and the same goes for his O’Rourke matchup where he is in the lead by a solid 22 points.

While these polls were based solely on the off chance that Matthew actually decides to run for governor, they also give an insight into the people’s support of the incumbent governor and his election opponent.

However’ a three-way poll suggests that the majority would prefer Abbott, which might sound strange due to the democrats’ narrative that the people of Texas are unhappy with him, especially regarding his firm stances on abortion and border laws.

McConaughey’s centrist views might scare many of his future supporters away

McConaughey, coming from a small town deep in Texas has stated that if he ran, it would most likely be a third-party run, as he sees issues in both parties, claiming that each has its own shortcomings and advantages.

He continued, adding that „sometimes he goes left, and sometimes he goes right” further solidifying the idea of him having largely centrist opinions.

While McConaughey might come as a breath of fresh air to Texas, a solid Republican candidate such as Abbot may still be the right answer for many conservatives looking for a safe pick. The actor has until December 13th to submit his application, and even then, preparing a campaign that late might prove to be a challenge for this Hollywood superstar.

When pressed on the matter of hiring campaign staff, McConaughey simply replied „I’m not…until I am” adding that he is giving the whole option of running for governor great consideration due to the sacrifices he would have to make should he actually commit to the run.