During the trial regarding the Ahmaud Arbeury case in which 3 white men were accused of assaulting and murdering a 25-year-old black male, numerous „militia” groups, one of them even parading in „Black Panther” uniforms, gathered in front of the Georgia courthouse this Monday to protest.

The man identifying himself as the leader of the group warned that karma will descend on America, hinting at possible attacks on the establishment or American citizens, which isn’t uncommon for BLM or their dissidents.

The newly formed Black Panther organization has been deemed racist and antisemitic in nature by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and rightfully so given the threat they pose to the peaceful lives of unsuspecting American citizens.

So far, nothing good has come from BLM, starting with Critical Race Theory which continues to be peddled even in public education, all the way to these related civil „organizations” which do nothing but segregate the white and black communities rather than unify them.

The Black Panthers prepare for war

Travis and Greg McMichael and William Bryan are the 3 men accused of the murder of Arbeury, and they are currently undergoing trial for murder, aggravated assault, and imprisonment.

The 3 men have long since admitted to the act, with Travis McMichael stating that Arbeury hadn’t posed a threat when the gun was pointed at him.

The militia group then marched with a mock-up corpse, decorated with the names of all the black people who lost their lives at the hands of white people, completely disregarding the fact that black-on-black violence makes up for a substantially larger percentage of all black deaths during one year.

One group’s leader stated that they will not tolerate blacks and browns being murdered anymore, but the only thing worth noting from that is that the BLM is even willing to segregate among themselves, as it seems that the acronym should now be B&BLM, and despite the change, it would still be insensitive to other non „black and brown” ethnicities.

BLM 757 president Japharii Jones stated that they plan to arm their entire communities with weapons which will raise the cause for concern, as crime rates are going up and irresponsible gun handling could lead to fatal consequences.

When prompted on how they would respond to a not guilty verdict, the group leaders left no comment.