Following the FOX news interview of wrongly accused teen Kyle Rittenhouse, in which he stated not to be a racist person, and that he even supports the BLM movement, the terroristic group of criminals known as Black Lives Matter showed just how much understanding they really have.

Rittenhouse’s words would move many, with him assuring that what he did was an act of self-defense, and portraying the prosecutorial misconduct in the judicial system that affected not only him but many others.

Being the „eloquent and peaceful” group they present themselves in the public to be, BLM quickly jumped to their Twitter account, making a mockery of Rittenhouse, and in a profane way saying that they do not wish to be involved with him

The organization claimed that Rittenhouse’s acquittal is a telltale sign of a rigged trial in a system that „was designed” to defend and uphold White supremacy, once again completely ignoring that neither of the men who were shot was African-American.

Quoting Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the tweets continued, assuring their followers that Rittenhouse being found not guilty is no mistake, but rather just the system working as planned.

BLM uses slander in the media

In other news, every 24 hours a day passes in America.

They went on to call Rittenhouse a „little racist/terrorist” in spite of all the evidence and him personally pointing out the contrary.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman was brought up, referencing the 8-year-old incident that brought the organization to life back in 2013.

A line from one of the tweets, which reads as „We are far from reaching our abolitionist future.

But rest assured, we will get there” brings with itself a lot of cause for concern, especially given that this group, previously known for violence (racially charged at that, how do you like them apples BLM?) is always seen with armed „guards”, putting the lives of innocent bystanders and civilians in danger.

BLM has tried to bring up other arguments regarding the Rittenhouse trial, none of which were constructive in the slightest, most of them along the lines of „the jury was three-quarters white” and “the judge was in on it”, but as everyone knows, and as president Joe Biden has stated, the jury’s decision is final and it must be respected.

This might be the first and only thing he does right in his presidency and many were left surprised, especially given his stance on the Rittenhouse incident before he became president, when he also claimed that the teen’s actions were racially charged.