Wokeists have absolutely no shame, no morals, and no boundaries.

They will declare anything “racist” and will force upon us any kind of “anti-racism” nonsense just in order to eternally terrorize any Americans who happened to be white, patriotic or both.

For them, anything not perpetrated by a white male or maybe a “Karen” – as they just love to insult white women – can never be a crime, not matter how heinous.

A case in hand is the Waukesha massacre, a clearly anti-white racist terrorist attack which the authorities under the yoke of wokeism are refusing to declare as such.

One of the major goals of wokeism – albeit not the only one – is that vicious criminals must be getting free passes if they are “of color” simply because they have been, oh, so oppressed in the entire human history.

We should’ve known that ‘looting’ is ‘racist’

The latest abomination are two non-experts on “criminal justice” but experts in “wokeist non-justice”, who have declared that the word “looting” is “racist”.

Of course it is!

Nobody ever doubted that.

Everything is.

For example, the word “word” is “racist”.

How can it now be?!

And the American English language is “racist” – never mind that such wokeist dweebs aren’t fluent in any other language that might be “woke”.

They don’t seem to be fluent in American English, either, since apparently they lack decent comprehension of the meaning of the words – but that is a different topic.

The highly “esteemed” individuals, or “experts”, are Lorenzo Boyd, credited as a professor of “criminal justice and community policing” – wow, that’s a great-sounding field to be a professor of, “community policing” – at the University of New Haven, and Martin Reynolds, described as “co-executive director” of some California-based NPO called the Robert C. Maynard Institute of Journalism Education.

They scolded even the wokeist TV station ABC 7 for using the term “looting” with respect to the outrageous “smash-and-garb” looting spree in California’s cities by gangs of dozens of perpetrators each, apparently teenagers.

Those looters have hit mostly luxury brand stores all over the coast.

According to Boyd, who is on top of everything else a retired cop, “looting” is used in racist way to describe what “people of color or urban dwellers” do.

He claims that calling the smash-and-grab spree “looting” has led people to draw conclusions that the people involved are “of color” – never mind whether that’s true or not.

Reynolds and Boyd insisted that those nasty crimes must only be called “organized smash-and-grabs”.

That’s until next time some vicious wokeist of their type decides that is “racist” and even that must be off-limits.

‘Undocumented shopping’

There have been concerns that organized crime gangs might be exploiting wokeist terminology in California’s penal code where looting is defined as theft during “a state of emergency” caused by a natural or manmade disaster.

Boyd even accused “people” of trying to “politicize” the smash-and-grabs – never mind that it is the likes of him who are politicizing them.

On social media, various conservative pundits have just destroyed the wokeist criminal justice “experts” for saying the word “looting” is racist.

Mocking them, some have suggested wokeist alternatives to “looting” such as “undocumented shopping” or “mostly peaceful shopping.”

Wokeists clearly never know when to stop, thus gladly awakening America to the existential threat that they are to this country.