Katrina Alspaugh, a Las Vegas woman, was arrested at McCarran International airport last weekend over refusing to wear a mask and allegedly causing a disturbance on her flight with the Allegiant Air company.

Security has stated that Alspaugh was at a boarding checkpoint when she was confronted by other soon-to-be passengers for not wearing her mask, after which the security guard claims she tried to punch the person harassing her.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan police, she behaved uncooperatively when apprehended, but was eventually released due to the other party’s refusal to press charges against her, after which she boarded her flight.

Soon after, the police were called again, when Alspaugh was removed from her flight for starting another argument with a different passenger, and supposedly chanting the famously anti-Biden „Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

When escorted from the plane and offered the option to leave quietly, the woman in question continued with her behavior, which ultimately resulted in her arrest, netting her a misdemeanor charge of public conduct.

The Left’s mask mandates aren’t letting up any time soon

Since January there have been 5,200 passenger reports, with nearly 3,800 mask-related incidents, and given the masks’ proven low efficacy rate, it’s no wonder many passengers are protesting a face cloth suffocating them for a timespan ranging from an hour or two to more than ten.

Alspaugh could just be a progressive activist trying to give those against masks a bad name, and it wouldn’t be unlikely due to the democratic party’s previous involvement with hiring actors to pose as conservatives.

The incident and many others have caused the flight company to join the array of many others that have since instated fines for passengers that assault, threaten, interfere with or intimidate other passengers or airline workers.

Currently, the FAA’s Reauthorization Bill sets these fines at a plausible maximum of $37,000, but with democrat involvement, these could become much steeper and much more unforgiving regarding who gets fined for what.

Sooner than later, every American citizen exercising their right to not wear a suffocating facecloth will be forced into it via the oppressive mask mandates that the left continues to push out.