California’s luxury brand stores are suffering from a wave of organized „smash-and-grab” raids consisting of upwards of 20 people wielding sledgehammers and crowbars.

These robberies are not likely to be random and most of the evidence points to them being organized by larger criminal groups that offer these „one-time thieves” $500+ for the items they steal, only to resell them online for a substantial profit.

With the holidays going into full swing, it is expected that these looting incidents will become much more common, especially among the younger crowd, which seems to be doing this for the quick cash and the thrill, rather than survival.

The biggest issue with these massive thefts in the current political climate surrounding the judicial system is that the focus is on larceny and theft, while these offenses are classified as „low level” due to the value of the stolen goods not exceeding $950, are decriminalized in many jurisdictions.

Back on the topic of looting, or the word rather, two „experts” on criminal justice have spoken against the term, deeming it to be racist somehow, demanding that the crimes be addressed as „smash-and-grab”.

Naturally, Twitter used this opportunity to rip the two libs to shreds over their hilarious statement, with Dinesh D’Souza tweeting that the Democrats continue to refuse to call a thing what it really is unless it is damaging to the reputation of the white male.

Organized crime among California’s teens

These looting crimes come with a very tempting risk-reward ratio for the looters themselves, as they’re committed in groups, and even if they’re caught, most of them get away with misdemeanor charges, only damaging the store owner in the process.

Corie Berry, Best Buy’s CEO has stated that the company’s stock has plummeted since they have reported a negative income due to the often occurring robberies, claiming that the company’s staff has begun quitting their positions in fear of being faced with armed looters once again.

Over the weekend, a group of 50 robbers attacked the Sam’s Jewelers in San Francisco’s bay area, smashing display cases with sledgehammers and crowbars and getting away with thousands of dollars.

Camera footage depicts the staff screaming in terror as the group performs the chaotic heist, ripping the merchandise from shelves and cases.

It is suspected that the criminal organizations behind these heists provide the looters with the weapons and in some cases even rent getaway cars for them, along with telling them the best escape routes.

Large-scale store thefts cost the US nearly $50 billion each year, and the left’s adamant stance against prosecuting these criminals will cause numerous private or franchise storeowners to go out of business.

The sooner we start calling a spade a spade, the sooner we will be addressing the real issue at hand rather than dealing with whether a word unrelated to race is „marginalizing certain ethnic groups.”