Any vile, lying cult needs some wretched deity in order to use it to deceive and mislead lost souls, and vicious Marxist wokeism is no exception: it found its own in the face of George Floyd, the black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May 2020.

Never mind Floyd’s criminal record, never mind that he didn’t exactly go out and sacrifice himself for some kind of a noble cause – regardless of what the wokeist propagandists will tell you – the dumb but impudent wokeism cult has appropriated him and turned into a kind of a deity to be worshipped by its zombiefied, empty-headed, brain-dead followers.

George Floyd fetishism

It is highly doubtful that Floyd himself would have even approved of the way that he and his images have been fetishized by the far-left Marxist propaganda in order to poison irreparably American race relations to promote the covered “class warfare”, which Marxism-Communism loves wants to use to destroy freedom, democracy, capitalism, and the United States of America.

One of the most shocking cases of George Floyd fetishism appears to be the Catholic University of America where a “Mama” painting shows a dead Floyd in the hands of his mother depicted just as the dead Jesus Christ in the hands of Virgin Mary.

Luckily, there are students at the Washington, DC-based school who are “awake”, rather than “woke”, and who has started a petition to remove the blatantly sacrilegious painting from the school’s campus.

Of course, it is shocking that such a painting exist in the first place.

Leading the protest against the “Mama” painting by artist Kelly Latimore is CUA junior named Blayne Clegged.

He found out about the painting making out George Floyd to be Jesus Christ several weeks ago, and has described it as “heretical and blasphemous idolatry” – which is precisely what it is.

The sacrilegious painting was opened at the CUA’s law school building in March, at the end of the Black History month, Clegg told Fox News.

Nobody can justify it

He explained that as an undergraduate student he doesn’t spend “much time” in the building of the law school.

However, the junior emphasized that there has been a “universally negative” reaction towards the painting, and that nobody is able to “justify” it.

In his words, nobody can offer any “serious theological justification” for what he said is “heretical, blasphemous idolatry.”

Clegg added that while Jesus Christ may have been depicted as being from different races, he is always “nothing but Jesus”, and never has he been painted as “another human being.”

The wokeist George “Jesus” Floyd painting at CUA is a replica of the La Pieta sculpture, which shows Virgin Mary holding her dead son.

It was created by Renaissance artist Michelangelo, presented in 1498 in Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Young Americans for Freedom, a student organization at the Christian University of America has started a petition to get the George Floyd painting off the school campus because it is “disrespectful, and sacrilegious.”

More than 1,000 Christian University of America students signed the petition by November 23, 2021.