After putting on his best „caring dad” face and helping out at DC’s Central Kitchen as part of a service project with Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff, Biden boarded the Air Force One with his family and took off to a billionaire resort in Nantucket.

Knowing this would rouse many of those clever enough not to fall for his games, Jen Psaki tried to defend the president’s name by claiming that food prices weren’t that high and that they should rather focus on spending Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

Nantucket seems to be Biden’s favorite place to spend thanksgiving, as he has been visiting the Massachusetts island every thanksgiving for nearly 50 years now.

The real issue stems from the fact that the family is spending the holiday in David Rubenstein’s $30 million resort, all the while downplaying the suffering of the regular Americans who were impacted by inflation the most.

According to the Biden administration, inflation isn’t real…maybe just a little bit?

Biden’s entire campaign was focused on him being a symbol for the middle class, but his already struggling approval rating might take another hit after this daring public appearance.

One would think he’d at least put two and two together and understand the impression he would leave on his fellow Americans, some of which won’t even be able to afford a proper Thanksgiving dinner because of the rapidly growing prices.

Jenn Psaki’s statements regarding the prices of turkey meat are far from being even remotely true, as the real numbers are far from the ones estimated by the Department of Agriculture that she is adhering to, which suggests only a 5% increase in select thanksgiving items price.

Namely, The Farm Bureau’s report shows that an entire thanksgiving dinner will set you back $53.31 which is nearly a 15% increase on the previous year’s average of $46.90, with turkey meat up a staggering 24%.

Inflation will continue to wreak havoc across the country, but many can rest easy as the Biden administration has assured that if we spend less money we should clearly have more of it.

The president claims that the island natives only know him as „Joe” as he is a regular there, noting that chef Bill Puder will be cooking this year’s Thanksgiving dinner as he’s been doing for the past 20 years for the Biden family.

When pressed on the matter, Puder replied that he’d begun cooking for the Bidens 21 years ago when Jill asked him if he could cook dinner for them and that it’s been going on since.

Earlier this week, while attending a DC kitchen serving as a training grounds for unemployed adults, the Bidens participated in some community service and expressed their thanks, with Joe Biden claiming that he is thankful for the people he’s surrounded with, as hypocritical as that may be given he ran off to a private resort on an island to celebrate the holiday.