The precipitous viewership downfall of the mainstream media, those not just useless but harmful leftist propaganda machines, has been known for a while and has been proportional to the disgust level of their Commie lies.

Yet, Monday marked a new collapse even for their leading outlets, and another giant viewership win for Fox News and its star anchor Tucker Carlson.

Exclusive Rittenhouse interview

Carlson’s Monday night interview with Kyle Rittenhouse, the brave teen who stood up to BLM terrorists in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during last year’s riots, and was forced to fight for his life, was watched by a whopping 5 million viewers.

That is over two times the total number of viewers of MSNBC and CNN combined during that time segment.

Carlson’s was the first to interview Rittenhouse, after the latter was acquitted last week of shooting three men, two of them fatally, in self-defense in August 2020.

The Fox News interview with the 18-year-old was the most watched news program on cable between 8 and 9 pm EST on Monday, as it actually surpassed the five-million viewer benchmark, Mediaite reported.

At the same time, “All In” with Chris Hayes on MSNBC got about a fifth of Fox’s viewers – 1.2 million.

CNN kept up with its abysmal numbers: its “Anderson Cooper 360” was at third place with only 792,000 viewers.

Monday’s program was actually hosted by John Berman, a substitute for Cooper, who was on vacation.

Tucker Carlson’s exclusive one-on-one with Rittenhouse also wiped out the competition in the most covered 25-to-54-years of age demographic.

In that age category, it drew a viewership of 913,000.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 got only 193,000 viewers, and Hayes’ program on MSNBC did even worse in that group with 159,000 viewers.

Fox mopping the floor with the lefty competition

Even though other Fox News talks show programs are also performing strongly, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” remains the leader on his network.

Thus, on Monday Fox News’s 5pm “The Five” got an audience of by 3.72 million, while Sean Hannity, who comes right after Carlson, reached a viewership of 3.28 million.

According to the Nielsen company, Carlson has had an average of 3.16 million viewers per night this year.

Last week, Fox broadcasting remained the top-rated network in the prime time, averaging 5.4 million viewers, followed by NBC with 4.8 million, CBS with 4.5 million, ABC with 4.1 million, Univision with 1.5 million, Telemundo with 1 million and Ion Television with 880,000.

Fox News Channel remained the most-watched prime time cable news channel, averaging 2.89 million viewers, vs. ESPN with 2.31 million, Hallmark with 1.58 million, MSNBC with 1.18 million and HGTV with 893,000.