California’s Elite Offering Donations to Cut in Line for COVID Vaccine

Doctors for California’s wealthy citizens do not often tell their patients no, but that is what is happening as there is not enough COVID vaccine to go around. Instead of waiting their turn, many are trying to bribe doctors and others for the limited COVID vaccine supply. They are offering large donations to hospitals and clinics to secure the vaccine for themselves, instead of waiting their turn in line.

Bribes Being Offered by Wealthy Californians for the Vaccine

One man has reportedly offered Cedars-Sinai Medical Center a $25,000 donation if they will let him cut in line, according to Dr. Jeff Toll, who has admitting privileges at the hospital.

Boutique Doctors Preparing to Give Vaccine

Doctors who run boutique practices catering to Hollywood stars and other celebrities say that their hands are tied until the government releases the vaccine to the public. They, however, are not sitting idly by biding their time. These practices are buying refrigerators that will keep the vaccine at the required ultra-cold temperature once it is available.

Black Market for COVID Vaccines

Watchdog groups have warned that there may be a black market for vaccines because the demand is greater than the supply. California is not the only place where authorities are concerned about a COVID vaccine black market. Interpol has also released guidance to law enforcement to watch for the targeting of storage facilities and distribution networks.

A black market for vaccines has happened in the past. For instance, when the flu vaccine was in short supply in 2004, all doses were reserved for infants and the elderly. The Chicago Bears were able to secure vaccines for their players while the general public went without vaccination.

Wealthy Californians at Advantage to Get Vaccine

Wealthy Californians may not have to wait as long to get the vaccine as most of the general public. Most are members of health networks that average Americans cannot afford and that will gain access quicker to their members once the vaccine becomes available.