Sarah Michelle Boone, an Arizona resident, was arrested earlier today for beating her Covid positive kids.

She assaulted her kids because they were not wearing masks, police stated.

A 32-year-old woman was arrested after police got a call from her neighborhood.

Police were told that she slapped one kid on the face, kicked the other one, and picked the third one from his neck.

The person who called the police is one of the victims. While talking to the press, he stated that “This incident happened because the kids were not wearing masks and were Covid-19 positive”.

Moreover, according to the reports of KTAR-FM, the age of any children was not disclosed, neither were they mentioned in the “booking” document.

The suspect went for a walk

As she knew about police arriving at her house, the suspect fled away from home. However, police caught her in the neighboring area where she was casually walking down the streets.

After ignoring the orders of the officer, she was reluctant to cooperate with the local police.

Cops warned her, and when she fought back, they used a stun gun in order to handcuff her.

While talking to the press, authorities confirmed that she was under the influence of alcohol when she assaulted the kids.

Boone was charged with multiple charges.

Firstly for the child abuse, secondly for resisting arrest while walking down the streets under the influence of alcohol. For these charges, Boone was sent to the local jail on Tuesday.

However, she was recently released from prison on a $5000 bond.

Boone is known for her misconducts

According to the authorities, Boone was previously involved in similar cases too. There were multiple domestic violence incidents reported against her name.

Police officers told the media that they would not have responded aggressively if her name was not included in the complaint. She was previously involved in a violent situation back in September twice and in early November once.

In these cases, she was cited for bad conduct, willingly trying to injure/provoke/insult, and starting a fight with the other residents. However, at the time, she was only warned by the local police officials to stop criminal activities; otherwise, strict action would be taken against her.

However, Boone did not stop there, so the police had to take a more extreme approach.

Boone will be presented in the court for the next hearing.