Alec Baldwin Takes to Twitter With Threats to Kill Trump

Twitter has refused to remove threats that Alec Baldwin lashed out against President Trump on December 20. The outspoken actor has always disliked the president, but Baldwin calls for killing Donald Trump in this latest round of tweets.

On December 20, 2020, Baldwin took his threats to a new level when he asked what happened if President Trump refused to leave the White House. Among methods mentioned by Baldwin were handcuffs and pepper spray, but then Baldwin took it to a new level when he suggested a knee to the back of the head to cut off the president’s oxygen.

Baldwin’s Followers Respond With Threats of Their Own

Baldwin also asks his Twitter followers what the “thug” deserves, and many took to the platform to answer. Some followers suggested that President Trump be locked up for life without any possibility of parole while others suggested cutting off Trump’s head. Many support Baldwin’s suggestion that Trump needs to be treated like George Floyd.

Suggests Trump Needs to Be Buried in a Nazi Cemetery

This latest round of tweets is not the first time Baldwin has taken to Twitter to suggest harm to the president. In November, he suggested that the president needed to be buried in a Nazi cemetery.

Twitter Refuses to Stop Baldwin

Baldwin’s posts are a clear violation of Twitter’s policy, which states “We have a zero-tolerance policy against violent threats. Those deemed to be sharing violent threats will face immediate and permanent suspension of their account.” Yet, the platform continues to do nothing to force Baldwin to take down his tweets or suspend his account permanently.