Oregon Protestors Take Anti-Lockdown Battle to the Capitol

In another move toward a police state, law enforcement in Oregon declared a protest unlawful as people gathered to make their displeasure known about the state’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions. Protestors were arrested after trying to enter the Capitol and arrest the state’s governor.

Oregon Has Job-Killing Restrictions

Oregon has among the strictest COVID-19 lockdown measures in the entire country, and it is causing harm to the state’s small businesses. In fact, while the protest was occurring, lawmakers were inside the building to approve a massive government spending package to prop up the state’s economy.

Protestors were trying to call attention to the state’s massive encroachment on its residents’ freedoms but were met with force by police. Nonetheless, the protestors were not deterred from making their point about the extreme lengths that Oregon is going to in the name of fighting a virus.

The Protestors Call Attention to Overly Restrictive Measures

Now, the residents of Oregon should know exactly where the state’s government and law enforcement stand. After protestors entered the lobby of the building, police got violent with the protestors. A melee ensued as police donned in riot gear and wearing gas masks took on the protestors. However, the demonstrators did not back down in the face of overwhelming force from the police.

The battle lines have been drawn in Oregon as the state enters its second year of harsh job-killing restrictions. The politicians in government should be on notice that the state’s residents are fed up with severe government restrictions and will continue to speak out in the future. This protest is likely not the last as Oregonians grow increasingly tired of being told what they cannot do by the liberal nanny state.