Most people share their last name with at least one other individual, but math wizard Bobby Piton has found more than 521,879 people who voted in the general election in Pennsylvania share their last name with no one else. Piton says that is clear evidence that Pennsylvania voter fraud occurred across the state. Piton says he had a professor one time tell him that numbers don’t lie; people do.

Twitter Suspends Piton’s Account

Twitter had already suspended Bobby Piton’s account because of testimony he gave alleging Arizona voter fraud on November 30. During his testimony, Piton claimed that not only did fraud exist in the November 3 general election but that fraud probably existed for the last 20 years. Piton said he believed that there were between 120,000 and 306,000 fake voters in the state during his Arizona testimony.

Piton’s Pennsylvania Claim

Now, Piton is claiming that 521,879 voters in Pennsylvania are related to no one else. Piton says that not being related to anyone else is a clear indication that someone made up these names before casting ballots with their names on them.

Missing Last Names

In order to reach his conclusion, Piton says he examined more than 9,008,753 records while finding the discrepancies. He also says there was a much lower average of familiar last names, like Smith and Williams, than should have been on the register. He explains that 500 of the top 1,000 names have a deficit.

Piton is a managing partner of Pre-Active Investments, LLC and an election advisor with Total Clarity Wealth Management Inc. He has run for Kane County, Illinois, Republican chairman.