In a Complete Surrender, Republicans Bust the Budget

Republicans will need to get themselves reelected to Congress in 2022, and they are not off to an auspicious beginning. Perhaps forgetting the roots of the party, congressional Republicans thought it best to compromise with Democrats in the name of COVID relief. The result was a bill that contains special interest spending that has nothing to do with the pandemic.

The list of useless spending in the bill is long. However, most representatives would not even know because they have not even taken the time to read the bill. If they had, they would realize the staggering amount of wasteful deficit spending that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have foisted on the American people.

Chuck and Nancy Owned Mitch

Schumer and Pelosi should take a bow because they have completely rolled Republicans in Congress. In a major self-own, the GOP allowed the Democrats to even direct $82 billion to colleges and schools that are not even holding in-person classes during the pandemic. Republicans failed to act as a final check on a cornucopia of wasteful spending. This will alienate key voters who rely on the GOP as a bulwark against socialism. Republicans will now need to reestablish themselves as the guardians of voters’ pocketbooks to regain control of the House.

McConnell Needs to Stand Up for Americans

This is what happens when Mitch McConnell prioritizes making deals over standing up for Republican principles. When Americans learn that much of this spending has nothing to do with their problems, they will be enraged with the spending coming out of Congress. The hope is that McConnell had a one-time lapse because he thought this would help win an election and would then return to protecting the country.