Obama Still Wants You to Hate the Jewish State

The anti-Semitic tendencies of the left have long been public knowledge. Former President Barack Obama works to continue that level of hatred toward the Jewish state in his latest autobiography. During his time in the Oval Office, Obama did little for the greater good of the American people. Since his term ended, he continues to try to rewrite history in an attempt to exalt himself at the expense of others.

Obama’s latest work, another autobiography, is a 768-page manifesto of a man touting his own greatness. His latest title, “A Promised Land,” spends a great deal of time discussing the presence of Israel on a piece of land in Palestine. What Obama fails to discuss are the facts that surrounded Israel’s position at said piece of land.

What did Obama ignore in his farce of a book? The same thing that he chose to ignore during much of his presidency: the facts. The piece of land in question has been occupied by a Jewish state since the dawn of civilization. Obama opts to ignore the fact that there was no Palestinian king, no Palestinian state, or any sort of governing body to lay rightful claim to the land. Instead, Obama continues to paint the Jewish state out as squatters and would-be terrorists to an area that their ancestors lived on for millennia.

This is nothing new for Obama or the left as a whole. Instead of dealing with facts, the man who spent eight turbulent years in office has penned another book that teeters on the edge of delusion and hatred.