Peter Navarro: “America May Never See Another Fair Presidential Election”

Peter Navarro, who was Trump’s White House Senior Trade, Manufacturing, and Policy Advisor, has released a 36-page report titled “The Immaculate Deception,” outlining how six states stole the presidential election from President Trump. He warns that unless the system overturns the results by Inauguration Day, America may never see another fair presidential election.

The Immaculate Deception

Navarro spoke about the report to Jesse Watters on Fox News. He says that he came into the debate as a private citizen to give a 30,000-foot view across the entire terrain. He examined thousands of affidavits and declarations that are not in the public record, along with testimony presented in various state venues and think tank reports, and he came up with six categories of voter irregularities.

Voter Fraud

The 36-page report containing over 150 footnotes breaks down voting irregularities in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan into six different categories. He claims there’s outright voter fraud with evidence in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin and minimal evidence to support voter fraud in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Cases falling into this category included underage and dead voters along with bribing voters.

Ballot Mishandling

Navarro’s second category is ballot mishandling cases, like broken chains of ballot custody, ballot boxes left without any supervision and ballots without matching envelopes so that poll watchers could not compare voter signatures. He claims that widespread evidence is available in every one of the six states, except Arizona.

Contestable Process Fouls

The third category outlined by Navarro is contestable process fouls where the Democrats pushed the existing laws, like mail-in extensions. He found evidence of this in all states.

Equal Protection Clause Violations

Navarro’s fourth category is equal protection clause violations, which he found widespread evidence of in all states.

Voting Machine Irregularities and Statistical Abnormalities

Navarro rounds out the report with voting machine irregularities, which he claims he has widespread evidence in all states to support, except Wisconsin, where some evidence exists. Finishing off his list is significant statistical abnormalities, which he found in all states, except Pennsylvania.