A large protest by supporters of US President Donald Trump, and some other groups, which turned into a historically unprecedented attack on the Capitol (Congress building), was announced weeks in advance.

Federal and city police, including other security authorities, planned to control the protests with a relatively small, minimal presence around the Capitol, despite announcements by some groups who publicly announced their plans to storm the building.

According to police and security officials, such a strategy was chosen to avoid “straining” relations with the protesters, as was the case with the Black Lives Matter protests.

Police and security services made the wrong assessment

But what happened on Wednesday proved that such an approach was a pure failure.

Police assumed that Trump’s supporters, but also part of the infiltrated individuals coming from Antifa and other leftists organizations, would stay in front of the Capitol.

However, it soon became clear that the security assessment was wrong.

The police resistance didn’t last long. The forces were overpowered by the mass and the protesters easily and quickly entered the Capitol building, causing authorities to evacuate senators, staff, and journalists.

Authorities had to mobilize SWAT special forces and the National Guard, who arrived at the Capitol and dispersed the protestors.

Capitol police forces were unprepared

A retired FBI official, David Gomez, assessed that the police forces were unprepared, which ultimately resulted in 5 deaths.

In the preparation for the event, the United States Department of Defense assumed that 350 members of the National Guard should be sufficient enough to prevent any disorders and possible attacks on the Capitol.

Moreover, the task of the National Guard was not to protect the Capitol but to assist the police in the controls upon entering the capital!

Who is to blame?

Washington Mayor, Democrat Muriel Bowser, is also responsible for the events that shocked the nation.

Prior to the protest, Mayor Bowser informed federal authorities that her city is ready for the protest, and there was no need for additional federal security assistance.

On the other hand, the mainstream media accused Donald Trump of fueling the protests, placing him as the only one responsible for everything that happened at the Capitol, not even mentioning the city’s poor response.

Officials from the FBI, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the District of Columbia, the Pentagon, and the National Guard admitted they were aware of the danger of possible riots.