On “60 Minutes,” Nancy Pelosi said that the COVID relief bill was held up for eight months out of respect for health care workers, first responders, sanitation and transportation workers, food-service employees, and teachers.

What Does the COVID Act Contain for Workers?

If you take Nancy at her word, the bill passed by Congress on December 27, 2020, should have lots of benefits for Americans who get up and go to work every day. Each American received $600 if they made less than $75,000 per year. If they had children, then they received an extra $600 per child. Additionally, the bill extended federal unemployment for a few more weeks while reducing the amount to $300 per week.

The new bill did not extend the forgiveness of student loans. It also included a one-month extension for renters and mortgage holders who have not been able to keep up. The bill also raises SNAP benefits by 15%, but it does not increase the scope of those eligible for those benefits.

What Did the Second COVID Bill Also Include?

The second COVID bill also included help for people worldwide. The stimulus package was added to the government spending bill for 2021. Many countries worldwide will benefit from the bill, including Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Cambodia, Israel, Nepal, Pakistan, and Burma. The bill also contains over:

  • $26.4 million for the Kennedy Center
  • $1 billion for the Smithsonian Institute
  • $154 million for the National Art Gallery
  • $167 million for the National Arts and Humanities program
  • $14 million for the Woodrow Wilson Center

In the wide-ranging interview, Nancy Pelosi also seemed more upset about the damage done to a mirror in her office than the damage done to the nation’s capital. She claims that she is not inflexible and hard to work with, despite what many have argued.