Small Business Rising to Go After Amazon Monopoly

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, a group of small businesses is working to form a coalition designed to limit the power of Amazon. The group of merchants is forming the “Small Business Rising” coalition with the goal of campaigning to pass stricter antitrust laws aimed at curbing Amazon’s power.

Why Target Amazon?

The e-commerce giant routinely sells its own generic products that compete with other sellers, both big and small. Small companies that have had enough of this monopoly are now banding together to force Amazon to spin off its own business lines. This coalition is being formed by various trade groups that speak for a myriad of business sectors, including grocery stores, booksellers, and office supply companies.

Included in the coalition are the National Grocers Association, the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, and more.

Cities Are Also on Board for Changes

In addition to the trade groups, business representatives from 12 cities are also part of the coalition. The group intends to lobby their congressional representatives to push for stricter antitrust laws as well as the continued reinforcement of the rules already in place.

If the coalition is successful, the policy would make Amazon separate its retail product sector from its e-commerce marketplace so that the two cannot work together in the dominance of the entire market space.

Action in the House

It should be noted that members of the House Antitrust Subcommittee are already considering legislation that addresses these concerns. The guidelines would be part of a broader set of changes to US antitrust law. However, the subcommittee has not announced the introduction of any formal bills.