Uber Hack Will Save You Time and Money

Hacks are nothing new to the technology industry. While some are a waste of time, other hacks may actually save you a significant amount of money and time.

Savannah Amparo is sharing her Uber hack that may change the way that you use the rideshare service. This hack will not only cut your costs of using the service, but it may also make it easier for you to get a ride exactly when you need it.

Savannah’s Money Saving Discovery

What Savannah found is that scheduling the Uber as early as just 10 minutes prior to your preferred departure can help cut the costs off of your total ride.

In her TikTok demonstration, she shows how scheduling the trip 10 minutes out saved her one-third of what she was originally quoted. Her message is that taking the time to schedule the ride rather than requesting it on demand can save you a ton of money both in the short and long term.

Hack Also Helps With Scheduling

Scheduling the Uber can also help you to get the ride when you need it. You are not alone if you have been in the position of needing a ride and not being able to find an available driver. However, by scheduling the Uber rather than requesting it on demand, it is much easier to find the ride.

Drivers Warn About Hack

Some Uber drivers warn that this hack does not always work. Many drivers are known to refrain from accepting a scheduled job, especially if it is for a low-peak rate at a high-peak time.