Jacques Shapir, one of France’s most eminent economists, has recently had to admit a deeply uncomfortable truth, one that elites across the Western world are desperate to keep out of public discourse: third-world immigration is having a disastrous impact on France.

Specifically, immigration is causing the French budget to fall further and further into the red. Perhaps the major justification given by European elites for why ordinary Europeans should accept massive numbers of third-world migrants into their countries is that these migrants would contribute to and help expand European economies.

Well, in France, that promised effect is simply not materializing.

Third-World Immigration Drags Down France

Sapir has recently published an important and eye-opening article in the French magazine Marianne.

In it, he discusses some of the peculiarities of French immigration policy, particularly France’s favorable attitude toward chain migration, the practice whereby migrants who go to work in France are allowed to bring their families into the country as well.

France has been following this policy since at least the 1990s.

The results have not been encouraging.

Citing a study done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation, Shapir points out that third-world immigration has been costing France roughly 0.52% of its GDP per year.

Even that figure may understate things, however, for as Shapir says, “If we attempt an overall assessment, including the various omissions of the various studies, we arrive at levels that are close to -0.7%/-0.8% of GDP per year.”

Attempting to explain this startling fact, Shapir notes that “it should be out that some populations, because of their low level of education and their poor command of the French language, have a higher individual cost than others.”

Shapir attempted to express the truth as tactfully and diplomatically as possible, but in essence, what he is saying is that many third-world migrants are adults who speak little or no French and have neither the desire nor the ability to learn any of the language. Moreover, as third-world immigration continues and France’s migrant population grows, arriving migrants can just settle into migrant communities in France, where everyone speaks their own language instead of French.

This further diminishes the incentive to assimilate and become a contributing member of French society. Plus, a further uncomfortable fact is that migrants coming into Europe — especially migrants from the Middle East and Africa — are responsible for highly disproportionate levels of crime in Europe. The statistics on the number of rapes committed by Arab migrants, for instance, are ghastly.

All of these factors combine together to essentially make third-world migrants into wards of the state.

The claim that these people would contribute to dynamism and economic productivity has shown itself to be a lie.