The coronavirus lockdowns have had catastrophic economic impacts on all sorts of things worldwide. As anyone who has done any shopping in the last year knows well, food has become significantly more expensive, thanks to the fact that the lockdowns have hobbled crucial supply chains and have kept many people who have been arbitrarily deemed “non-essential” out of work.

But one place where one can feel the destructive impact of the lockdowns most starkly and strikingly is at the pump. The price of gas has soared significantly in the last year. The national average has gone from about $1.74 per gallon this time last year to about $2.88 per gallon now.

Of course, oil — and by extension, all energy — is a kind of master resource. Once its price goes up, the prices of an enormous number of other goods that oil is used to either make, power or transport also go up.

The result is that, as everything becomes more expensive, Americans become correspondingly poorer.

Many Americans may not know why this really happening. They chafe under the burden of higher gas prices, but they don’t know who or what is to blame for them.

Well, Fox News political commentator, Washington Times opinion editor and Breitbart News columnist Charlie Hurt knows exactly why. While interviewing Alex Marlow about his book Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, Hurt exposed the truth.

In short, this is a deliberate push by left-wing elites to make driving and other daily tasks more difficult for ordinary people. This is done in order to push a globalist-backed climate change agenda that will reduce many to extreme poverty.

Why the Elite Want Gas to Be Expensive

“They make no secret of the fact that they… want [gas] at six dollars a gallon. They want it at eight dollars a gallon. This is not a secret to them. The Green New Deal, the whole thing — all these people — their intent is to raise the price of gas so that it’s so expensive that nobody can drive anywhere,” Hurt said.

And why? Because the elite have bought into all sorts of stories about man-made climate change and use it as a sort of ersatz religion. To them, because resources are finite, human aspirations must be constrained.

They do not realize that human ingenuity and creativity allow us to expand our pool of resources by making better use of the resources that we have and by finding ways to make things that were previously not resources into resources.

Petroleum was once considered a waste product. And while countless environmentalists and left-wing intellectuals complained that it would soon become impossible to feed the world, men like Norman Borlaug initiated the Green Revolution and fed billions.

The simple fact is that the elite regard ordinary people as vermin to be controlled. If their concern was really about the environment, they would unleash human creativity to try and find a technological solution to the problem.

Instead, they want to ration and control resources. They want to use opportunities afforded to them by global pandemics to disrupt supply lines and raise the price of gas so that less of it is burned.

In a word, this is all really just a way for them to increase their control over the rest of us.