A string of non-profits conquered by the radical left has managed to wedge itself between state departments of education and local school districts, thus forcing damaging “critical theories” such as “critical race theory” upon the K-12 curriculum of American children.

It is precisely this “invisible layer” of radical leftists that are actually sucking out public funding while having no accountability whatsoever that parents need to be aware of in their fight to rescue America’s K-12 education from the “critical theories” plague, writes PJ Media columnist Stacey Lennox.

In a scathing op-ed, Lennox exposes this “middle tier” of non-profits poising the education curriculum of American kids without any public or parental control and in exchange for vast sums of taxpayers’ money.

The problem is constantly ignored

The growing radicalization of this invisible layer of non-profits is increasingly resulting in a raging battle over critical theories in the curriculum all across the nation.

Lennox points out, however, that fiery discussions at school board meetings oftentimes ignore precisely this actual source of the tensions.

She explains that certain organizations – namely, the above-mentioned non-profits – actually provide K-12 education accreditation in some 20 states.

The columnist explains in detail the situation in the state of Georgia where this additional far-leftist oversight has proven to be a real burden for parents who have to fight with activists on school boards imposing critical theories.

Even though accreditation in Georgia is voluntary, HOPE scholarships funded by lottery are available only to graduates of accredited high schools.

The two biggest nonprofits in the state providing accreditation were formerly known as Measured Progress and AdvanceED but are now merged into a company called Cognia.

While Cognia appears to be failing in ensuring education equality, it seems to be “successful” with a holistic approach committed to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

No responsibility

At present, Cognia is intervening in school board infighting in the state’s Cobb County, whose district usually has top-performing schools.

However, the local school board is presently fighting a recently-elected Democratic minority imposing critical theories and other politicized content on the local children.

One of the new members is Dr. Jaha Howard who keeps posting on his official board page content lashing out against “white supremacy” and tries to lecture those disputing his theses.

Cognia has recently used a shaky pretext of 50 parent letters in a district of 107,000 families in order to push an interim accreditation and assessment review of the local schools.

A recent article of the Marietta Daily Journal explains that Cognia – which gets to decide “if your child’s school” is getting accreditation – has managed to carve for itself a business model that is hard to beat: as a non-governmental organization receiving government funding it preys upon taxpayers’ dollars but at the same time isn’t accountable to absolutely anybody.

According to Lennox, the way to prevent organizations such as Cognia which are captured by leftist radicals seeking force disastrous critical theories on American children in exchange for sucking dry government coffers is to end the need for accreditation in K-12 education.