Two conservative groups, Heritage Action and the Coalition to Protect American Workers, are setting off on a “Save Our Paychecks” tour to expose the grave dangers from the disastrous economic policies of the Biden administration as well as the spiking inflation unraveling under it, which they dub “Bidenflation.”

“Save Our Paychecks” is going to tour cities and states across the US in August and September in order to reveal the horrendous effects of Biden’s policies on American workers and businesses.

Heritage Action revealed that the events of the tour will include first-hand testimonies by both workers and business owners in order to paint the grim picture of Biden and Bidenflation on the US economy.

Save our paychecks

“Save Our Paychecks” is kicking off in Fresno, California, on August 10, and its ending in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sept 13.

Its most high-profile speakers included Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who will speak at events in New Hampshire and Wisconsin, as well as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

In a statement, Scott ripped Biden and “the Washington Democrats” for leading the nation towards an abyss with “reckless spending” and “failed economic policies.”

He lambasted the Democrats for their “spending addition”, which has sparked “an inflation crisis”, and on top of that their solution is to only spend more and more.

He emphasized that instead of stimulating American workers to return to their jobs while helping small businesses to reopen, the Democrats have been boosting government handouts to a disastrous effect.

The announcement of the “Save Our Paychecks” tour comes against the backdrop of Wednesday’s vote in the Senate on whether the senators should begin debate on a $1.2 billion bipartisan infrastructure package.

Bidenflation and the effects

The executive director of CPAW, Marc Short, stated that precisely because of the fact that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the House Majority Leader, are now going to push the vote, it’s crucial for Congress members to learn how constituents and their jobs are going to get hurt if Biden’s intended huge tax increases get passed.

The organizers of the “Save Our Paychecks” tour have emphasized that the policies of Democrat President Joe Biden have damaged the recovery of the American economy.

Jessica Anderson, the Heritage Action Executive Director, declared in a statement that Bidenflation and the ever more tenacious attacks on Americans’ pocketbooks are causing the country’s population every single month to keep losing purchasing power.

She vowed the “Save Our Paychecks” tour is going to shed light on American workers and businesses that the Biden administration has left behind.

The tour will feature Erica Kious, who use to own a beauty salon, which was visited last summer by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in violation of pandemic rules.

Kious said in a statement the “extreme leftist policies” of the Biden administration and Pelosi’s hypocritical actions have forced her to shut down her business.