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Facebook Hopes to Crush Nextdoor with ‘Neighborhoods’ Feature

Facebook is launching a new feature that will compete with the popular social media platform Nextdoor. This addition is yet another example of Facebook trying... Read More

With No Way to Get Home During a Global Pandemic, College Student Bikes Across Europe Alone for 48 Days

20-year-old college student Kleon Papadimitriou was born in Greece to a pair of adventurous parents. After all of the havoc caused to global travel in... Read More

Russian opposition leader Navalny makes his first court appearance since receiving a sentence

On Thursday, Alexei Navalny, an opposition politician from Russia, has made his first appearance in court since he was transferred to the prison in February.... Read More

Does the Trump-Russia Hoax Have Us Closing in on a Possible Armed Conflict With Russia Over Ukraine?

For years, the media, with the collaboration of US intelligence agencies, had peddled completely unfounded conspiracy theories and lies to the American public. A particularly... Read More

Brexit Britain Pushing to Join Major Pacific Trading Bloc in 12 Months

UK Working on its Own to Establish New Trade Agreements Now that Brexit is a done deal, the UK is leaning into its sovereignty from... Read More

‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry has just forced President Biden into a tough situation, amid rumors he colluded with Iran

John Kerry, ‘climate czar’ to the Biden Administration, has done it again. For some reason, Kerry has an odd obsession with issues regarding Iran, after... Read More

The USA plane joins to help Indonesia find its lost submarine

Throughout this whole week, the Indonesian navy actively searched the ocean for the missing submarine that disappeared on Wednesday near Bali. A US reconnaissance plane,... Read More

Why Does Queen Elizabeth Sign Her Name Elizabeth R? Here's What It Means

British Royal Family Back in the Spotlight All eyes have been on the British royal family in recent weeks. From the fascination surrounding the controversial... Read More

Athletes will NOT be allowed to demonstrate `Political, Religious or Racial propaganda' after International Olympic Committee ruling

According to a report produced by Reuters, athletes will be banned from demonstrating any form of ‘political, religious or racial propaganda’ at the 2020 (now... Read More

Former President Bush Issues Warning About Biden's Decision To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

Former President Bush Expresses Concern Over Biden Decision to Withdraw U.S. Troops Former President George W. Bush is expressing his concern that President Joe Biden’s... Read More

Cuba Faces an Uncertain Future as the Last Castro Will Resign

At long last, it appears that Cuba’s decades-long and horrifically oppressive communist dictatorship may be nearing its end. On Friday, April 16, Raul Castro, the... Read More

Australian Court Rules Google Deceived Users About Location Data Collection

To borrow an ominous phrase from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Google has been crossing “the creepy line” for some time now — that is,... Read More

Twitter promotes the Guardian story that involved disclosure of private information

A story published in the Guardian on Friday ended up in the trending section of Twitter. However, this event would not have been worthy of... Read More

Special Counsel Durham's `Russia Hoax' investigation leads to a researcher from the think tank closely aligned with the Democratic Party

The Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham led an investigation about the ‘Russia Hoax’ leveled against former President Donald Trump back in 2016. The... Read More

Rapid Progress' Made on Post-Brexit Trade Deal with New Zealand: Report

During the lead-up to the eventual Brexit vote in the UK, one of the major complaints of those who wanted Britain to remain in the... Read More

Twitter faces second lawsuit over allegations that the Big Tech firm profited from child sexual abuse on the platform

A second child has joined the present lawsuit that Twitter is facing, having allegedly profited from the sexual exploitation of both the children involved in... Read More

Did Prince Philip Ever Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II, Like in 'The Crown'?

The recent death of Prince Philip has put the British royal family back in the spotlight. At the forefront of the discussion is the question... Read More

Patagonia Donates $1 Million To `Defending Democracy,' Dana Loesch Fires Back. `Patagonia Has 13 Factories In China'

These days, hypocrisy appears to be a necessary aspect of membership in America’s corporate ruling class. Though instances demonstrating this observation have been legion over... Read More

Facebook User Data Leak Included Mark Zuckerberg's Personal Details

There has been yet another massive data leak at Facebook, though this one may be tinged with a small hint of schadenfreude for those who... Read More

Volkswagen Lied To Reporters, Public About Branding Change To Promote New Electric Car

Volkswagen’s leaked press release has left many reporters, including those from the Associated Press and USA Today, feeling angry. The press release obtained by the... Read More

The Remote Swedish Town That Drives The Automobile Industry

Car manufacturers worldwide spend over $180 million annually to test their vehicles’ ABS braking systems in Arjeplog, Sweden. Manufacturers, like Land Rover, BMW, Continental, BorgWarner... Read More

Christians are being subjected to `mental torture' amidst reports the Chinese Communist Party have set up `transformation facilities'

Christians in China are being subjected to ‘mental torture’ by the Chinese Communist Party who, according to Radio Free Asia, have been rounding up members... Read More

The killing of a Pakistani-origin Uber Eats driver prompted Hunter Walker to attack conservatives

Two teenage girls, aged 13 and 15, reportedly murdered a 66-year-old Uber Eats driver Mohammad Anwar. The event was filmed and allegedly occurred in the... Read More

UK University to Unveil $32K Greta Thunberg Statue Amid Staff Cuts

A university in the UK is under fire for wasting funds on a statue of Greta Thunberg. Winchester University in Britain is set to unveil... Read More

Global Prices Soar As Enormous Container Ship Draws Penis, Butt In The Red Sea, Then Sticks Itself Up The Suez Canal Costing $400 Million Per Hour, Crippling Markets, Global Trade

The Suez Canal is one of the most important trade routes in the entire world. It connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, moving from... Read More

Nike Offers Mild Criticism of China's Ghastly Policies, Faces Intense Backlash in China

Nike has provided a particularly shameful example of what it means to be a modern-day woke corporation. While being relentlessly woke on social and political... Read More

Family of Asian Grandmother Attacked in San Francisco is Donating Over $900K in GoFundMe Donations

The family of Xiao Zhen Xie, the 76-year-old grandmother who was brutally attacked in San Francisco by a man named Steven Jenkins, has managed to... Read More

Intelligence sources revealed that Iran planned assassination of the U.S. Army top official!

A report from the National Security Agency revealed that the Iranian regime conspired to murder General Joseph M. Martin, the U.S. Army Vice Chief of... Read More

China is the Greatest Existential Threat to the US - Biden's Actions with Russia Were “Childish” - Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Former Secretary of State Weighs in on Threat of China to the U.S. In a recent interview on Fox News, Mike Pompeo criticized the administration... Read More

Toyota Warns (Again) About Electrifying All Autos. Is Anyone Listening?

Toyota is usually the company considered to be the world’s largest car manufacturer. It vies for that accolade with Volkswagen, and the firms’ respective positions... Read More

Putin Responds To Biden's `Killer' Comment: He Is Describing Himself

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on Wednesday, March 17, Biden was asked all sorts of questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among... Read More

And There It Is: Biological Male Wins Female Beauty Pageant

If things continue as they have been, eventually, we will reach a state that we can describe as the progressive singularity. This is a state... Read More

An incendiary exchange between Biden and Putin ends up without a debate

In a Wednesday interview with ABC, President Biden talked about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden told interviewer George Stephanopoulos that Putin would ‘‘pay the price’’... Read More

Jesuits Pledge $100 Million For Slavery Reparations

A segment of the Roman Catholic order known as the Jesuits has promised to raise $100 million to give to slave descendants. The pledge to... Read More

The United States has lost every single simulated war against China!

The United States military is arguably one of the strongest and one of the proudest in the world, however, if they were to engage in... Read More

Coca-Cola says it will only hire law firms that meet quota for black attorneys

Apart from COVID19, last year was marked by the Black Lives Matter riots. Consequently, major retailers and large brands including Coca Cola decided to implement... Read More

Republican Congressman Pushes Plan to Take Massive Action to Punish China for COVID 'Cover-Up'

China Under the Gun With New Proposed Legislation Rep. Brian Mast is introducing new legislation designed to punish China for its failure to communicate honestly... Read More

The Truth Was Totally Ignored And Omitted': Meghan's Half-Sister Challenges Her Claims

Ever since it first aired on CBS Sunday night, the world cannot stop talking about the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However,... Read More

Iraq's Beleaguered Christians Cling to Faith After 20 Years of Brutal Persecution

Though it may not be known for this, Iraq is actually home to Christian communities that have been around since nearly the time of the... Read More

Top Chinese military official stresses the need for higher expenditure to combat the U.S. war threat

On Friday, General Xu Qiliang, one of the highest-ranked members of the Chinese military, warned members of the National People’s Congress of China that the... Read More

Megyn Kelly Exposes the Disingenuousness of Meghan Markle's 'Bombshell' Interview

While the world was hanging on every last word of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during the Sunday night interview with Oprah Winfrey, not everyone... Read More

New Report: “Global Decline in Democracy has Accelerated,” “Fewer than a Fifth of the World's People Now Live in Fully Free countries”

According to Freedom in the World, a report issued by Freedom House which purports to track developments in political freedom across 195 different countries, the... Read More

Israel Updating Plans to Attack Iran Nuclear Sites

According to Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Israel has been updating its plans to carry out strikes on what it says are Iranian nuclear sites.... Read More

Chinese hackers reportedly attacked Microsoft

Microsoft announced that its common email system was attacked on Tuesday. Based on the manner of the hacking operation, Microsoft experts believe that the attack... Read More

Within 40 Days of Biden Inauguration: Terrorists Kidnap Another 317 School Girls in Nigeria

With barely 40 days having passed since Biden was inaugurated as president, the world has already been thrown into chaos as a result of his... Read More

Sky News Australia picks up on Pres. Joe Biden's cognitive inability, as the rest of the world watches on

One of the main talking points throughout the 2020 election campaign, given by the right, was that Joe Biden was not physically capable of holding... Read More

The Ridiculous Hair Splitting on Biden Bombing Syria Begins

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, President Biden ordered attacks on certain facilities within Syria that military officials say Iranian-backed militia used. The attacks carried out... Read More

The Houthis, an Iranian backed terrorist group, launches multiple ballistic missiles as Saudi Arabia after Biden's actions raise tensions in the region

You ever watched a US action movie that involves the President of the United States proudly declaring that they will not negotiate with terrorists? It... Read More

French Delegation Chair: “Since 1975, mail-in ballots have been banned from France’s electoral process because it is too easy to cheat”…Accuses Globalist Macron Of Last Minute, Sneaky Move To Change France’s Voting Rules

No matter what country you go to in the Western world, you’ll find that the globalist establishment there is all the same. If you want... Read More

Colorado terrorist received a prison sentence for planning to bomb a synagogue

On Friday, a Colorado District Judge Raymond P. Moore sentenced Richard Holzer, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, to 235 months in prison. Holzer was previously found guilty... Read More