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Thanks to Joe Biden, North Korea has started firing rockets again, and they don't care because they know no one can stop them!

The communist dictatorship of North Korea run by its creepy, plump youthful fuehrer Kim Jong-un has staged a new ballistic missile provocation, seemingly threatening some... Read More

Prince Andrew gets served legal papers in a suit for sexually enjoying 17-year-old girl in pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein's mansion

Britain’s Prince Andrew has been served with legal documents in a lawsuit against him filed by one of late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, who says... Read More

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Biden! 4 terrorists exchanged for US deserter in 2014 now in top posts in Taliban's Afghanistan government, al-Qaeda prominent

Even today atrocious Democrat presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden make a great team to America’s detriment: a few years back Obama released key Taliban... Read More

Biden is much graver threat to West than Taliban, worst president in history, highly decorated UK military officer says

The apocalyptic disaster that Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has caused in Afghanistan hasn’t affected horrendously just the United States and the Central Asian country... Read More

Young Afghan man stabs elderly woman to prevent her from working - is this what's in the making for America with its 50,000 newly `acquired' Afghans?

Joe Biden has inflicted tremendous damage to the United States with his betrayal as he surrendered Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban after our nation... Read More

Hands off our mistreatment of women, it's our `culture,' Taliban rep says to US

The Biden administration and its liberal leftist bunch are great proponents of women’s rights – just as long as they can use those in a... Read More

Xi doesn't play around: Chinese Communist Party bans `sissy men' on TV to preserve `revolutionary' culture

Much to the displeasure of the entire liberalist and leftist cohort in the United States and the rest of the West, which has been advocating... Read More

Horror stories start oozing from Taliban rule: gay man raped and beaten, woman set on fire after Taliban didn't like her cooking!

Ironically – but only to those who aren’t aware of the hypocrisy of liberal leftism and Marxism – it has been the Biden administration, a... Read More

VIDEO: Armed unibrowed Taliban militants scare TV anchor into praising them, giving them the tribune to speak out

As Sleepy Joe Biden occupying the White House has done his job and have given the murderous, pro-terrorist radical Islamists from the Taliban movement a... Read More

72 hours a week! China's highest court explodes against `extreme overtime work' and 996 work culture once praised by billionaire Jack Ma

China’s highest court has issued an unprecedented ruling in which it lambasted the so-called “9-9-6” work culture and the “excessive” and “extreme overtime work” associated... Read More

Taliban Mocks US With Parody Photos

It’s high time that American troops leave Afghanistan. After 20 years, American nation-building efforts there have achieved nothing other than to make a handful of... Read More

Are Americans Being Beaten as They Flee Kabul

On August 20, President Biden said that Americans who wanted to leave Kabul were having no trouble getting out. He said that about 18,000 people... Read More

VIDEO: Taliban execute beloved Afghan TikTok comedian by firing squad, then slit his throat - but he kept mocking them till the end

No surprises there: the murderous radical Islamist early medieval regime of the Taliban – the guys that Democrat Sleepy Joe Biden just put in charge... Read More

China's commie rulers to allow families to have three children legally as Xi regime getting seriously worried about demographics

The Chinese Communist Party, which has been ruling the most populous country in the world since 1949, more recently to discouraging demographic results, has decided... Read More

Putin welcomes Taliban's rise to power in seeming alliance of convenience at the expense of America discredited by Biden

After abysmal Democrat President Joe Biden practically single-handedly installed the Taliban in Afghanistan even though the United States fought them for 20 years for their... Read More

Utter Chaos Breaks Out at Kabul International Airport

Now that the Talbian has utterly swept over Afghanistan, some extremely harrowing scenes have emerged showing people desperate to escape the country after Biden announced... Read More

US Embassy Tells Americans to Shelter in Place

Conditions in Afghanistan Continue to Worsen as Taliban Encroaches The United States embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, is warning Americans to shelter in place as the... Read More

China is preparing to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan after the government falls in 10-day conflict, other nations also move to act

The Chinese Communist Party is preparing to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan after the Islamic terrorist organisation took control of the nation’s capital of Kabul... Read More

In victory speech Taliban commander claims he was imprisoned in Guantanamo for 8 years as US, Afghanistan lose 20 years in single day

Biden has really done it: on Sunday, the abysmal Democrat White House occupant bestowed Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban after 20 years of struggle,... Read More

Iraqi forces have arrested a high-profile ISIS leader in Mosul, yet he was so obese he had to be taken away in the back of a truck!

A high-level ISIS leader has been captured in the city of Mosul by Iraqi forces after a recent raid, however, images of the arrest have... Read More

Videos circling online depict Taliban fighters lounging in home of Afghan General, blaming him for military collapse

Videos have started to circle all over the internet, videos that depict Taliban fighters lounging around in the rather expensive ex-home of Afghanistan General Abdul... Read More

TOP 10: The world is shocked by a deadly 7.2-magnitude tremor in Haiti but it doesn't come even close to the 10 most destructive earthquakes on record

A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake has just struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, causing widespread destruction and causing the deaths of no fewer than 304 people.... Read More

Europe too gets pummeled by illegal immigration, with EU's migrant numbers 60% higher in 2020 so far

Not unlike the United States since the advent of Sleepy Joe Biden and his occupation of the White House, the other pillar of the West,... Read More

China `devours' Hong Kong, Taiwan to come ahead of US in Olympic gold medal count on an expansionist technicality

Despite the hopes of the leadership of the People’s Republic of China, Team USA once again dominated the summer Olympics – even though the competition... Read More

Winners and Losers of Olympic Games

Unconventional Tokyo Olympics Due to COVID-19 It was certainly an unconventional Olympics. The COVID-19 pandemic forced fans out of the stands and necessitated that the... Read More

S&P Nears Another Record High

Buoyed by recent earning reports issued by major corporations, the S&P etched up towards a new record level on Monday, August 9, 2021, before settling... Read More

Transgenderism goes berserk in Scotland as government says 4-year-olds will be able to change gender without parents' consent

Transgenderism, alongside pro-racist wokeism, is the 21st-century plague of the entire West – and now perversion is unabashedly coming after the most precious thing that... Read More

Nike Says China Very Important Market

Nike CEO John Donahoe, who has been very outspoken about progressive activism in the United States, says that he feels the company is making the... Read More

Elon Musk refused to apologize for calling Thai cave rescuer “pedo guy”

Back in 2018, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, refused to offer an apology for calling “pedo guy” a diver who saved young... Read More

Chinese gold medalists wear pins with genocidal dictator Mao, spark Tokyo Olympics outrage

Two Chinese gold medalists have sparked an outrage at the Tokyo Olympics by wearing pins with the image of Mao Zedong, the founder of the... Read More

VIDEO: Biological man competing as a woman in Tokyo Olympics weightlifting crashes out miserably but still `makes' wokeist history

Laurel Hubbard, New Zealand weightlifter who was born as a man but 8 years ago decided he is a woman, was quick to crash out... Read More

Pink Offers to Pay For Women's Handball Team Over “Sexist” Rule

These days, it has become increasingly common for athletes to use their platforms and their notoriety and to engage in protests or bring attention to... Read More

An Athlete at the Tokyo Olympics Looks Like Lady Gaga - But Who is She?

With the Tokyo Olympic Games in full swing, the eyes of the world are riveted to all of the planet’s top athletes. The Olympics are... Read More

Wokeism goes on a trans-Atlantic rampage as European Union views “humor” as a tool of “Far-right Extremists”!

If American patriots for some reason thought that the far-left radicalism monster and its daemons of Marxism, wokeism, critical race theory, and transgenderism, are only... Read More

U.S. Gymnast MyKayla Skinner Embroiled in Controversy

MyKayla Skinner, a U.S. gymnast made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games on Sunday, July 25. And like many high-profile people in this... Read More

Algerian judo wrestler kicked out of Olympics for refusing to face Israeli opponent in support of “Palestinian cause”

US wokeist lefties aren’t the only ones marring the Tokyo Olympics with their misguided politics as Fethi Nourine, an Algerian judo wrestler, has been sent... Read More

UK Teens Learn How to Manufacture False Positive COVID and Get Out of Going to School

Viewed in a big-picture perspective, COVID-19 may go down in history as the single greatest instance of mass deception in the modern world. The virus... Read More

Political ice cream: Israel outraged as woke “Ben & Jerry's” stops selling ice cream in “occupied Palestinian territory”!

Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, which is known as one of the “wokest” corporate giants, has infuriated Israel as it declared it will... Read More

US, UK, and NATO are going to “expose China for their malicious cyber activities”

The United States, alongside other allies such as the UK, have announced that they are going to shed light on the current cyber situation coming... Read More

Entire west rallies behind US in blaming China for Microsoft Exchange hack!

The United States and almost all of its Western allies accused China of committing the January 2021 hack of the Microsoft Exchange email server, which... Read More

The Indian Supreme Court has demanded the release of a political activist who stated “cow dung doesn't cure Covid-19”!

The Indian Supreme Court has demanded the release of a man who stated that “cow dung doesn’t cure Covid” on Facebook. Leichombam Erendro was detained... Read More

A man has received a “racial hatred” police record after he whistled the Bob the Builder theme song at his neighbor

A man in Bedfordshire, England has received a “racial hatred” police record for whistling the kids’ cartoon theme song at his neighbor. The record of... Read More

Shark advocates seek to change the wording for shark “attacks” with shark “interactions”!

Numerous shark advocates are pressing ahead with their fight for changes to the terminology used to describe shark attacks, in the hope that negative stereotypes... Read More

Pope Francis restores Latin mass restrictions!

Pope Francis restored restrictions on the old Latin Mass in order to curb what he sees as a source of division in the Catholic Church,... Read More

Parents shocked when London library event for children featured “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey”!

Parents have been shocked and outraged when a children’s event at Goodmayes Library in London featured the participation of a male actor dressed as a... Read More

Hungary banned the promotion of LGBT content to children!

Publishers, bookstores, and writers across Hungary are preparing for the entering into force of a new law adopted by the country’s parliament last month, which... Read More

Thousands gather in French cities to protest against newly proposed COVID-19 measures, media is silent!

Several thousands of people assembled in major cities in France to raise their voices against the COVID-19 policies that had been recently announced by the... Read More

VIDEO: Young journalist gets snatched by Cuban KGB while reporting on live TV!

In a shocking reminder about the reality of communist dictatorship, Dina Stars, a young Cuban journalist was taken away by Cuba’s KGB, or state security... Read More

China and Taliban: An unlikely alliance about to form in post-US Afghanistan!

Following the US official withdrawal from Afghanistan, 20 years after moving in for war, the Taliban look set to regain control of the region as... Read More

A German airline will no longer use gendered greetings for passengers on flights, replacing them with gender-neutral alternatives!

The German airline Lufthansa has retired the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” as its main greeting to passengers, replacing it with terms like “dear guests” and... Read More