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The US Aircraft carrier entered the South China Sea

This Saturday, a US aircraft carrier group, led by USS Theodore Roosevelt, entered the South China sea. As it was informed by the United States... Read More

Google Threatens to Shut Down Search in Australia

Australian lawmakers have drafted a new law that threatens to fundamentally change the business model used by Google and other Big Tech companies. It is... Read More

Thousands of protestors arrested in Russia

Thousands of people gathered today all across Russia to protest, as a sign of support for Aleksei Navalny who was arrested upon coming back to... Read More

The USA criticizes China over the attack on Taiwan

Taiwan officially seceded from China in 1949 during a civil war. Since then, China continues its effort to annex the territory they believe historically belongs... Read More

One of the biggest Asian drug bosses arrested in the Netherlands

Tse Chi Lop, one of the “most wanted” drug bosses from Asia, has been captured by Dutch police on Sunday. He was detained at the... Read More

Soviets Used “Operation Trust” to Identify, Arrest and Persecute Anti-Communists - Is That What the Deep State Has Planned for Q-Anon?

In the last days of the Trump administration, some internet sleuths, exasperated with Q-Anon and possibly afraid that its constant exhortations to “trust the plan”... Read More

Minutes After Biden Takes Oath of Office, China Announces Major Action Against 28 Trump Officials and Their Families

Joe Biden has become the President of the United States, and China already seems to be having a field day. Within mere minutes of Biden... Read More

Project Veritas Drops Another Video on Twitter, This One on the Plans for Global 'Political Censorship'

“Inflammatory comments,” “conspiracies,” “misleading information” and “coded rhetoric” will continue to be banned from Twitter, according to Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety Head Vijaya... Read More

Mike Lindell Responds To Threatening Letter from Dominion Lawyer: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is well-known to be a passionate supporter of Donald Trump. Since Election Day, in particular, Lindell has been adamant that... Read More

China places sanctions on 28 former Trump officials after Inauguration

In the wake of the Biden-Harris inauguration, the CCP has taken the decision to place numerous sanctions on several former Trump officials, including the former... Read More

BOMBSHELL Intelligence Report: CIA Scrubbed China Election Interference

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has finally released the report due at the end of 2020 showing that China attempted to interfere with the... Read More

Secretary Pompeo condemns China's treatment of Uyghurs on the last day of his office

On the last day of his term, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused the Chinese Communist Party of perpetrating various atrocities against Uyghurs... Read More

Iran Doesn't Want Nuclear Watchdog to Publish 'Unnecessary Details' of Nuke Program

The pressure exerted by the Trump Administration has the mullahs in Iran on the run. Cornered and hoping for a reprieve from the Biden administration,... Read More

Did China Influence the 2020 Election?

In a letter to Congress, the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has concluded that China had interfered with the 2020 election process at a... Read More

The United States imposed sanctions on Iran, China, UAE, and Cuba

The United States continues to impose sanctions in the final days of President Trump’s office, which ends on January 20th. The U.S. government imposed new... Read More

Trump adds Xiaomi and several other companies to the military blacklist

US President Donald Trump has decided to use the last days of his mandate to expand the “blacklist” of Chinese companies accused of links to... Read More

Mexico leftist President initiates a global campaign against Social Media companies

Recently, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has joined other world leaders in condemning the bans major social media outlets put on President Donald Trump... Read More

Exclusive: The World's First FDA-Approved COVID-19 Test Now Available on Amazon

As cases surge across America, Covid-19 tests are in high demand. Most Americans have had to wait in long lines at medical centers and drive-through... Read More

Iraq issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump

The Iraqi judiciary has decided to issue an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump for involvement in the assassination of Iranian General Qassam Soleimani... Read More

Chinese Communist Party Leader orders the People’s Liberation Army to prepare for war at any second.

Xi Jinping, the Chinese communist party leader, stressed that the military forces must intensify their training programs and update military equipment. He added that the... Read More

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence China Was Colluding with the Bidens and Providing Information on How to Defeat President Trump in the 2020 Election

Despite the media’s—and social media’s—hysterically heavy-handed attempts to suppress the stories relating to Hunter Biden, it has been incontrovertibly demonstrated that the son of the... Read More

Jack Ma Disappears as Chinese Regulators Put Pressure on His Business

No one has heard of Jack Ma since October. A co-founder of Chinese tech giant Alibaba has even failed to show up in the final... Read More

Is Twitter Promoting a Chinese Tech Group that Tracks Uighurs?

After being reached out to multiple times, Twitter refused to give any explanation for their Huawei promotion. Huawei is a tech company under fire for... Read More

Communist China sentenced this journalist to 4 years in prison for reporting on a pandemic

An independent Chinese journalist who reported from Wuhan in the midst of the initial outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has been sentenced to four years... Read More

Pope Francis Urges Authorities To Dispense COVID-19 Vaccine To Vulnerable, Needy First

Pope Francis Calls for Vaccine Prioritization to the Vulnerable Populations The annual Christmas address by Pope Francis understandably focused on the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.... Read More

China Sentences Citizen Journalist Who Reported On COVID From Wuhan

Citizen Journalist Punished for Criticizing China A 37-year-old Chinese citizen journalist named Zhang Zhan has just been sentenced to four years in prison for reporting... Read More

Doctor Reportedly Suffers Severe Reaction Moments After Receiving Moderna COVID Vaccine

Boston Medical Center’s own Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh experienced the first known allergic reaction to Moderna’s COVID vaccine on Wednesday—and it was a doozy. Shortly after... Read More

U.K. Lockdowns Could Go On Until Easter According To Scientist

U.K. Locks Down Hard and Might Stay That Way Until Easter A new coronavirus mutation that has recently emerged in the U.K. has sent the... Read More

‘Covid passports’ - A good solution for reviving global tourism?

The tourism industry is one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Most flights are still grounded, which makes it almost impossible to travel,... Read More

A Historic Christmas in Iraq

This year’s Christmas for Christians in Iraq will indeed be the most special one. For the first time in the history of this Middle East... Read More