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Horseshow competitor Evie Toombes is suing her mother's pregnancy doctor for presenting her with the gift of life

Evie Toombes, a young woman diagnosed with spina bifida at birth, is filing a lawsuit against her mother’s doctor for „wrongful conception“ as she claims... Read More

Commie China now forbids celebrities from demonstrating `extravagant pleasure' or `wealth' on social media, tells them to `love the party'

Communist China seems to be seeking at least a partial return to the old Stalinist-Maoist ways where those well-off under the regime – namely, party... Read More

Europe gripped by police violence as countless protesters rage against COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine mandates

Unlike the United States, where protests against coronavirus pandemic measures such as vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and lockdowns have been somewhat more muted, at least... Read More

El Salvador presents laters infrastructural project aimed at investors, as the country becomes among the first to validate bitcoin alongside the USD

„Bitcoin city“ at the base of a volcano? Sounds like a scene straight out of an Austin Powers movie. El Salvador’s Millenial president Nayib Bukele... Read More

Europeans kick off a new wave of anti lockdown protests, charging headfirst against the government-imposed oppression

Last Saturday marked the 2nd night of Europe’s massive wave of anti lockdown protests in wake of the union’s newly imposed rules demanding vaccine confirmations... Read More

Brave Chinese activist risks his own life filming China's ,non-existent” concentration camps, leaving the world in shock

A Chinese activist, using the pseudonym Guan Guan, recently released videos depicting horrendous sights of massive fenced plots of land that serve as concentration camps... Read More

US lagging behind Russia, China in hypersonic missiles due to bureaucracy, cost concerns, top general says

The United States has presently fallen behind its global adversaries China and Russia when it comes to the development and successful testing of hypersonic missiles,... Read More

JW hotel sides with Xi Jinping once again, refusing to host World Uyghur Congress

The JW Marriot International has been a big fan of China and its lovely dictator Xi Jinping for a couple of years now, showing their... Read More

Russian police investigate `OnlyFans' model for flashing her butt in front of a church

It’s not that the former Soviet Union had very high morals – but at least the hardcore, old-school Stalinist Commies had the decency of going... Read More

Disgusting Commie China story: Tennis star missing after accusing senior Communist of sex assault, state media publish fake email that she's `fine'

Communist China appears to have what is known as a state terrorism regime, or a regime of a state enforcing terrorism upon its own people.... Read More

China's Commies threaten Australia with `Armageddon' if it backs US in war to defend Taiwan

A former top-ranked Chinese official who now serves as a mouthpiece for the regime of Communist China has issued the gravest warning so far against... Read More

Putin is behind his ally Belarus's migrant warfare because he just officially denied it

Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin is firmly behind the anti-Western adventurism of his ally, Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko, who flew in thousands of illegal immigrants... Read More

Backed by Putin, Belarus' dictator just committed border aggression against US ally Poland as his troops destroyed border fence and blinded Polish soldiers

Backed by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has just committed grave border aggression against US ally and NATO member Poland which could... Read More

Famine, poverty, and horrifying fates for minor Afghan girls set in after Biden surrendered to Taliban terrorists

In the United States, those of us who are freedom-loving patriots defending democracy tend to focus on the horrendous disaster that Democrat President Joe “Empty... Read More

Israel will now be able to defend from its enemies with beams, rather than missiles, in first electronic warfare systems

Set in the powder keg region of the Middle East where hundreds of millions of people want its ultimate destruction, Israel has just unveiled for... Read More

Remember Houthis, a group Trump declared terrorist and Biden friends of America? Well, they just broke into the American Embassy in Yemen!

The Houthi rebels, an Islamist extremist group in Yemen closely allied with Iran, the top US enemy in the Middle East, have stormed and breached... Read More

Russians ready to invade Europe, US warns to brace amid spiking tensions over illegal immigrants and gas supplies

The US government has warned America’s allies in Europe that Russia may be about to invade Ukraine any moment now as Russian leader Vladimir Putin... Read More

Patient in Canada has actually been diagnosed with `climate change' as the climate lunacy is getting out of control

People in the United States are aware that the Pacific Northwest is filled with some crazy far-left liberal yahoos whose wokeists experiments are already ruining... Read More

Peng Shuai, a Chinese tennis star, vanishes off the face of the earth following her social media post describing sexual abuse at the hands of China's former vice premier

35-year-old Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai accused the communist party’s former vice premier, 75-year-old Zhang Gaoli of forced intercourse and other forms of sexual abuse... Read More

What a turnaround in EU migrants policy! Announcements of border wall building, and Merkel calls for Putin's help

Migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border are a growing problem for Europe and the crisis has resulted in threats by Belarusian President Lukashenko, known as Europe’s... Read More

What's happening in Poland?? Putin dispatches nuclear bombers backing Belarus as thousands of illegals storm Polish border to enter EU

Thousands of illegal immigrants mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan have been allowed to pass by the regime of Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko through his country’s... Read More

It's not just America! The Swedes will let the children change their gender at will!

Are you an American and Western patriot – you know, of the type who happens to hold freedom, democracy, decency, Christianity, the Constitution, Enlightenment, the... Read More

No one is safe from the woke wave, as the left declares trains and steam as means of racism!

In today’s dose of wokeism, activists have decided to protest literal means of transportation, and for those of you having to double-take check if you... Read More

DIY terrorist who authored manual on killing US presidents and downing planes may get out of Aussie prison

Belal (Bilal) Saadallah Khazaal, a 51-year-old Muslim terrorist in Australia who wrote a manual on how to assassinate then US President George W. Bush, and... Read More

They are getting ready for war: China sends strong message with US military ship mock-ups used for target practice

Following the release of images taken by Colorado-based Maxar Technologies specializing in satellite imagery, depicting a series of mock-ups of US ships and aircraft carriers,... Read More

VIDEO: Chinese zoo sparks outrage by forcing baby monkey to smoke in latest bizarre crime against wild or domestic animals in China

It is no wonder that at the beginning of 2020, as the coronavirus was gripping the globe, there were multiple reports that COVID-19 originated in... Read More

Biden has totally turned US into laughing stock as China deservedly mocks him for `apologizing' for Trump's actions

It is as though the “Brandon administration” of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is taking masochistic pleasure in the utter humiliation of the United... Read More

Taliban sport extermination list of gay people in Afghanistan after Biden administration lost America's war there to abandon them to their fate

It must be considered a tremendous albeit utterly horrifying tragedy that the conservative Republican administration of President George W. Bush launched the war on terror... Read More

Afghanistan descends into total medieval despair as desperate father sells 9-year-old daughter to 55-year-old husband to be able to buy food

After 20 years of constant war and reconstruction efforts by the US and trillions of dollars in US spending, Afghanistan has rapidly descended into utter... Read More

VIDEO: Sleepy Joe becomes a subject of mockery as he takes a nap during UN Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, and the topics discussed by world leaders do not seem to be... Read More

Taliban might become Greta's best buds as radical Islamists voice support for fighting climate change, green projects in Afghanistan

Who would have thought that one day the Taliban terrorists and Greta Thunberg would become best buds? They haven’t really gotten together yet but all... Read More

Chinese President doesn't give a damn as China dashes hopes for major breakthrough on carbon emissions at climate summit

China’s President Xi Jinping in effect “stonewalled” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a telephone call in which the latter was hoping to get the... Read More

We are falling behind: China is powering way ahead of US in hypersonic missiles, top American general raises alarm

America is losing its super hi-tech military edge, while China is powering through and on its way to gain categorical supremacy in hypersonic missiles. This... Read More

Taiwan President shows faith in US forces deployed to defend against China, war coming?

Following President Biden’s public announcement regarding allegiance to Taiwan, wherein he promised that the administration would provide support to the nation if China decides to... Read More

Rocket-boy Kim Jong Un: No food? Well, eat less! People starving in North Korea!

Following the closure of its border with China in January 2020, N. Korea was on an economical downward spiral, finally reaching its bottom in the... Read More

China presented a new weapon that can wipe out US ports in a matter of moments while our Administration burns cash on - green politics

Following last week’s successful demonstration of the new hypersonic missile’s power, China decided to flaunt its strength with another weapons test. Namely, last Saturday a... Read More

Afghanistan: Family sells newborn child for $500 as Taliban regime slowly collapses in on itself

Following the retreat of the US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban that took over, slowly but surely, ripped the country to shreds, leaving its citizens... Read More

This is an all-out assault on Western civilization: Thousands of classic children's books labeled as `harmful content' by Cambridge University

Oh, the Soviet Union would have been so ecstatic, had it not died in 1991 and had it been able to learn that the once... Read More

BIG SCAM: Study finds Great Barrier Reef is growing quickly but the media keep quiet about it as it doesn't do good for far-left green agenda

Largely thanks to its natural beauty, significance and biological diversity, the Great Barrier Relief off the west coast of Australia has been one of those... Read More

China might be creating a global database with its testing kits, intelligence agencies claim

According to an intelligence report issued, China is set on getting involved with private sectors across the globe, targeting small businesses and universities, and beginning... Read More

Blood on your hands Joe: Female volleyball player beheaded by the Taliban, images posted online

Coach of the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club openly spoke for the Persian Independent, stating that one of his players and a young star of Afghanistan... Read More

Rejected contestants sue Miss France beauty pageant for not winning due to their appearance

Remember the good old days when women competing in beauty pageants were theoretically evaluated based on their “beauty”? In the unbridled feminism, MeToo, and post-feminism... Read More

China is pushing US out of Latin America with $140 billion investments, America giving up back yard `without a fight'

While much of the attention of US foreign policy pundits is focused on Communist China’s bullying of its neighbors, US allies, in the region of... Read More

China demonstrates amazing new hypersonic missile. What do the US and Russia have in store? Are we done?

After China’s military unveiled its latest toy, the US and Russia present their own results in retaliation. After decades of work on hypersonic technology, the... Read More

FULL CRINGE: Surreal sight as shabbily dressed green princess Great Thunberg sings 1980s disco hit at the launch of her `climate change' concerts

It is regrettable that whatever merit the green or environmental movement may have, that usually gets completely lost in the whims of its faint political... Read More

US Shocked! China fired a hypersonic missile that circled the Earth and hit the target! No one knows how they did it!

As Communist China has gotten rich – all through the investments poured in by American corporations, the dollars of the US taxpayers used to buy... Read More

Terrorist suspect in church murder of Conservative MP is British Muslim, son of former high-ranking Somali official

The terrorist suspect arrested for Friday’s brutal murder in a church of UK Conservative Member of Parliament, Sir David Amess, has turned out to be... Read More

Apple kowtows to China's Commies by taking down Bible app together with Quran app at Beijing's request

American Big Tech corporations’ alliance with the wokeist and transgenderist far left has been an open secret for more than a decade now, and they... Read More

Conservative British Parliament member who opposed abortion and gay marriage stabbed to death in church before his constituents

69-year-old Sir David Amess, a Member of the British Parliament from the Conservative Party, has been stabbed and killed before the eyes of many of... Read More

Wanna Nobel Prize? Earn it. Nobel Prize committee stands firm, refuses to have `ethnic', gender quotas.

The modern-day Western Marxists are like an octopus with countless tentacles, and are poking their unenlightened beak everywhere they can in order to try to... Read More