After being reached out to multiple times, Twitter refused to give any explanation for their Huawei promotion.

Huawei is a tech company under fire for allegedly spying on Uighur Muslims.

On Christmas, Huawei had posted a tweet that was shockingly promoted by Twitter. After the incident, The Daily Caller, a news foundation, tried to get reasoning from Twitter. Twitter was reached out to multiple times on Tuesday but no response was released.

The Tale Behind the controversy

It was recently found that Huawei and some other Chinese tech companies tested software created to identify Uighur Muslims to assist Chinese police in locating them. This news was out after IPVM, the world’s leading authority on video surveillance, obtained a confidential “interoperability report regarding Huawei.

The confidential report was publicly available on Huawei’s webpage but was immediately taken down after IPVM found it and demanded an answer.

Twitter declined to give any reasoning for allowing the promotion of Huawei’s tweet.

The Chinese government has received a lot of press and backlash regarding their treatment of Uighur Muslims. Multiple publications report that the Chinese Government has been conducting genocide against Uighur Muslims. It has been reported that the Uighur Muslims are put through forced abortions, imprisonments, and mass detentions.

The government is also trying to control the Uighur Muslim population by forcing everyone to be on birth control.

However, the Chinese government does not admit to any of these widely reported publications and only dismisses them as fabricated news.

Counter-Statement and the Irony

In a statement to BBC, Huawei said that they do not support discrimination and that they only produce connectivity products for basic purposes that are in line with modern ethical standards.

They also stated that the company is not involved in the creation or distribution of spying systems that could be used for recognizing people of particular ethnicities.

DCNF however, did not receive any answer upon request from Huawei.

Huawei had been accused by Wilbur Ross, Commerce secretary, regarding the misconduct of its surveillance technologies. He said Huawei is exploiting American technology in ways that undermine the interests of National Security and Foreign Policies.

President Donald Trump previously addressed Huawei as a disaster in a statement to the media outlets and suggested that the company is spying on the American people, calling them “Spywei”.

Huawei denies all the allegations related to acting as a spy and enabler for the Chinese Government.