In a letter to Congress, the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has concluded that China had interfered with the 2020 election process at a federal level.

In this letter, Ratcliffe cited that the CIA knew about China’s efforts to interfere with the election.

However, many officials were pressured not to pursue the story any longer, effectively allowing China to get away with its actions.

This decision suited the Communist Party in China, as they no longer wanted President Trump in power after he imposed sanctions against the nation for allegedly causing the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Ratcliffe’s letter entail?

The letter, which was obtained and published by the Washington Examiner, cites a report from analyst Barry Zulauf, that claims analysts working on the issues of election interference used different standards and methodologies for each country, with many refusing to label China’s actions as election interference.

The report, which was sent to Congress, claims that analysts were quick to label the actions of Russian intelligence as election interference back in 2016, yet were incredibly reluctant to grant the same label to China, as they “disagreed with the current policies of this administration.”

However, neither Zulauf’s report nor Ratcliffe’s letter cites what actions China took to interfere with the 2020 election.

What the report does is assess how both interferences from China and Russia were used as a political weapon to delegitimize any potential victory from the other side.

Haven’t we heard this all before?

In 2016, and throughout the entirety of Trump’s presidency until the publication of the Muller report, the Democrats shouted about how Russian interference stole the election away from their candidate Hilary Clinton.

Sounds familiar?

In 2020, President Trump has been on a campaign to overturn the election, claiming that the Democrats had stolen the election from him and from his supporters, mirroring the cries of the Democrats back in 2016.

The Democrats claimed that the Trump campaign unethically used available intelligence against Hilary to overturn the election forecasts, however, these claims were later proven false by the long-awaited Muller report.

Similarly, Trump’s claims of election fraud and the use of Dominion voting systems were thrown out by the Supreme Court, with little evidence to support his claims.

Yet, voters were first made aware of potential Chinese interference back in August of 2020, 3 months before the election.

In a statement given by William Evanina, the US Director of the National Counterintelligence, China, Russia and Iran were the three main foreign nations attempting to influence the result of the election, by “swaying voter preferences.”

Evanina claims that China and Iran wanted to see the end of Trump’s presidency, whilst Russia wanted to see Joe Biden fall.

Russia has since denied all allegations of interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections, whilst the Chinese remain silent on the issue.