My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is well-known to be a passionate supporter of Donald Trump. Since Election Day, in particular, Lindell has been adamant that significant amounts of fraud occurred in key swing states — enough fraud to flip the entire result from Trump to Biden.

The chief target of Lindell’s ire over this fraud has always been Dominion Voting Systems, the shady voting machine company with links to Chinese-run investment firms and software that was once used to rig elections in Venezuela.

Lindell has long openly said that Dominion’s machines were instrumental in stealing the election from Trump and that there is overwhelming evidence for the truth of this claim. Through its lawyers, Dominion sent Lindell a strongly worded letter, dated Dec. 23, threatening him with a defamation lawsuit over his many remarks.

Lindell, however, remains totally unafraid.

Dominion’s Threats to Sue

Lindell hasn’t been the only one threatened with defamation lawsuits for accusing Dominion of enabling election fraud. Sidney Powell, probably the person most responsible for bringing knowledge of Dominion’s seedy origins to the public, has been threatened with a massive lawsuit as well. Attorney Lin Wood has received similar threats as well.

Like virtually every other high-profile person that has been threatened with such lawsuits, Powell and Wood do not appear worried about these lawsuits. Instead, they insist that suing would be an extremely unwise decision for Dominion, as it would force open discovery and require the company to share its records. This would effectively make public any existing evidence of Dominion’s involvement in election fraud.

The My Pillow Guy Goes on the Warpath

Lindell totally shares these sentiments. Speaking to Axios, he said, “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election.”

The My Pillow guy continued to carry this confidence when he spoke to RSBN, a news service that has run live streams of many Trump events. Speaking to Brian Glenn, Lindell said that he had access to all of the evidence of Dominion’s ties to China and other countries.

Costco, Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond have recently decided to stop selling Lindell’s signature pillows over this issue, but he remains committed to bringing the truth about election fraud to light.