“Inflammatory comments,” “conspiracies,” “misleading information” and “coded rhetoric” will continue to be banned from Twitter, according to Legal, Policy and Trust and Safety Head Vijaya Gadde, who is the one who banned Trump from Twitter’s platform. The question is who decides if a tweet contains any of those things because the platform never defines them clearly. What Vijaya has made clear is that they will continue banning people from committing these acts, regardless of where they are in the world. That is why Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, were quick to speak out because they fear that they will be next.

Are Social Media Platforms Publishers?

It appears Twitter, Facebook and other platforms only want you to see their Democratic point of view when using social media. If that is the case, you can make a strong argument that they should not enjoy protection under the law that allows them not to be held liable for what people write on their platform.

What Makes Their Viewpoint Right?

Herbert Marcuse wrote an essay titled “Repressive Tolerance” in 1965 that seems like he should have written it in 2021. He outlines points that Twitter appears to be applying to what they are willing to post:

  • Tolerance is defined only by those on the left.
  • Violence must be used to stop right-wing movements while left-wing movements can continue, even if violence is used.
  • Tolerance extends only to truth.
  • Truth is only found in left-leaning ideas, so they are the only ones where tolerance is necessary.
  • All people who disagree must be indoctrinated, even if it is the majority.
  • Only when thoroughly indoctrinated can one see the truth history reveals.
  • Indoctrination is necessary, so one must take over every aspect of society, especially news outlets, education systems and entertainment.
  • Established universal meanings and information sharing must be abolished. Meanings of words must be changed, mainly so that race equates to power.
  • Take all needed actions so that freedom of speech applies only to the left side.

It seems that if this is how social media sites are going to be, then they should have to obey the same applicable laws that others must abide by on their websites.