In the last days of the Trump administration, some internet sleuths, exasperated with Q-Anon and possibly afraid that its constant exhortations to “trust the plan” were misdirecting the popular energy of the Trump movement, found some reason to suggest that the whole thing might be connected to the deep state.

In other words, far from being a heroic plan to take out the deep state, Q-Anon may have instead been a plan hatched by the deep state.

So, Then What Was Q-Anon All About?

If Q wasn’t real, that, then, raises the question: What was it really all about? Those who believed in it started to believe because of a few uncanny coincidences. For instance, people on 4chan would tell “Q” to make Trump use a certain word in his next speech, and sure enough, he would use that very word the next time that he spoke in public. Perhaps people can be forgiven for thinking that this was too perfect to be an accident.

But if nothing came of Q’s supposed plan, then what was it really all about? A book by a Soviet defector from the KGB and an expert in psychological warfare and deception named Anatoliy Golitsyn may have the answer.

The book is called “New Lies For Old,” and it has a few disturbing passages which those who’ve been doing a postmortem on Q-Anon have been trying to bring to public attention.

The passages describe a deceptive strategy in which the Soviet leadership would pull back from hard-line communism in order to lull the West into a false sense of security. Specifically, the book describes a Soviet operation, carried out between 1921 and 1926, which was called “Operation Trust.”

In this operation, Soviet communist spies would disguise themselves as anti-communists and get in touch with anti-communist resistance groups. They would then feed information to the groups, telling them that military leaders in the Soviet Union had been working out a careful plan to arrest and rout the communist leadership. The military simply needed some more time to put all of the pieces into place.

The purpose of all of this was to convince the anti-communist groups to stop or at least tone down their anti-communist activity in the hopes that the military would handle everything.

The parallels between Q-Anon are eerie. And the possible consequences are, if anything, even scarier.

It’s obvious that the Biden administration will now proceed to harass and attack Trump supporters in every way imaginable. Could Q-Anon have just been a way for the deep state to identify the most passionate of these supporters and find out whom to target?