Taiwan officially seceded from China in 1949 during a civil war.

Since then, China continues its effort to annex the territory they believe historically belongs to them.

The 23 million residents of Taiwan have to live under constant threat from the Chinese government who promised to fully conquer the territory of Taiwan in the future.

The capital of China, Beijing, objects to any official contact with Taiwan, trying to completely diplomatically isolate the island.

China sent the military to Taiwan

Today China sent a fleet of 13 warplanes, some with nuclear-capable bombers, into the southwestern corner of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

This is the second time in two days that China did such a thing.

They also sent 8 bomber planes and 4 fighter jets into Taiwan’s air space in the South China Sea on Saturday.

Taiwan’s defense ministry announced that they issued radio warnings and deployed air defense missile systems to monitor the situation and respond to possible attacks.

The spokesperson of the US Department of State Ned Price released a statement in which he asked Beijing to “cease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure against Taiwan”.

Price suggests that China should focus on establishing meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s representatives who were elected democratically.

He emphasized that the US advocates and supports peaceful resolution of the issues between the two countries.

Washington wants to help Taiwan

Price also adds that Washington will help Taiwan with defending from Chinese threats and continue to strengthen the bond the US has with this island country.

The US expressed the initiative to nurture friendship with Taiwan by formally inviting the ambassador of Taiwan in the US, Hsiao Bi-Khim, to attend the inauguration of newly elected president Joe Biden.

In a video that the ambassador sent to Wednesday’s inauguration, she said how honored she feels to be given the opportunity to represent her nation and the government of Taiwan at such a ceremony.

The ambassador added that both Taiwan and the US speak the same language of democracy and have a joint purpose - freedom.

The administration of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, labeled this act as a precedent since the country wasn’t invited to the inauguration for decades.

The leading Democrat party in Taiwan said that this represents a new step forward, since 1979, when Washington recognized Beijing, instead of Taiwan.