Thousands of people gathered today all across Russia to protest, as a sign of support for Aleksei Navalny who was arrested upon coming back to Russia from Germany.

Navalny spent five months in a hospital in Germany where he was treated for poisoning for which he accuses the Kremlin.

Navalny claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to kill him, however, Putin denied such accusations, saying that the whole thing is a part of a campaign orchestrated by the USA to discredit him.

Immediately after being arrested, Aleksei Navalny himself called the people to go out and protest.

The Russian authorities warned people not to attend the unlawful gathering because by doing so, they would be risking Covid-19 infection, as well as a criminal lawsuit and prison time.

But, the Russians ignored those warnings and despite extremely cold weather gathered on the streets of Moscow and other cities.

The protestors shouted “free Navalny” and that Putin is a thief.

The police started arresting people and pushing them into the vans.

They also resorted to the use of force on the protestors and hit them with bats, even kicked some people who were laying on the ground, with their feet.

US, EU, and GB all condemned police brutality in Russia

Around 2500 people were arrested all over Russia, including 945 in Moscow.

State agency Tass reported that more than 40 police officers were injured during the clash with the protestors.

Today’s case of police brutality was strongly condemned by the European Union, as well as Great Britain and the USA.

High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, expressed his concerns over the mass arrests and excessive use of force and said that a meeting is scheduled for Monday, where all the ministers of foreign affairs from the EU will discuss this matter and decide what to do next.

On Friday, the president of the European council, Charles Michel called Vladimir Putin and asked him to immediately order a release of Aleksei Navalny.

Michel expressed serious concern that the European Union has for Navalny and called for complete and unconditional respect for his rights.

The State Department in the USA released an announcement saying that they strongly condemn such behavior of the police and the use of force on protestors and reporters all over Russia.

Great Britain also asks Russia to respect human rights and ensure freedom for every person who was arrested during peaceful protests.