After the hammering that Donald Trump’s press secretaries took in the briefing room, anything would seem like a cakewalk for Joe Biden’s communications team. The media has taken it to a whole new level, ushering Jen Psaki into her role with adulation and a stark lack of accountability. The fawning press eats up her every word without asking the tough questions.

Psaki Gets to Dance Around Tough Questions

A case in point is the fact that the media completely let Psaki off the hook over stories detailing the mistreatment of the National Guard called up to protect the Capitol. These brave troops were exiled to the parking garage, where they were forced to sleep in inhumane conditions. Psaki gave perfunctory answers to questions, but the media did not press her on it in any way. This is a sign of the adulation yet to come from the mainstream media that treated Kayleigh McEnany with such harshness.

Psaki has also been able to dance around questions about violent Antifa riots on the West Coast without any sustained inquiries from the press. The double standards that the White House press shows are only just beginning. The media even let Psaki off without any further scrutiny when she feigned ignorance about whether China was committing genocide.

Taking Down Trump But Loving Biden

In a way, this is completely expected from the media that was dedicated to taking down the Trump Administration from the very first press briefing. Now that the media has their preferred president, they will once again roll over for his Press Secretary the same that they did for anyone associated with the Obama Administration. There is no mystery as to why conservatives get their news from sources other than the mainstream media.