Joe Biden’s first few days as president have been dedicated almost entirely to signing new executive orders that are meant to repeal old executive orders that were enacted by President Trump.

Many of these have been extraordinarily ominous because they kill American jobs, increase drug prices, expose the country to an endless flood of illegal immigrants that will permanently change American voting patterns, and much more.

One of these new executive orders, however, actually allows China to interfere in the American power grid.

Biden, China, and the Power Grid

Accusations of corrupt financial dealings and other connections with the Chinese government have dogged Joe Biden and his family for a long time now, despite the media’s frantic attempts to cover up and lie about such connections.

Biden’s recent move to grant the Chinese entry into the American power grid does absolutely nothing to quell the fears of those who have said that Biden was compromised by the Chinese. It only magnifies those fears.

Trump’s executive order 13920 sought to ban the Chinese from being in any way involved with the American power infrastructure. It did this mainly by preventing electrical equipment designed in China or other foreign countries to be used as part of America’s bulk-power system. The worry expressed in the Trump executive order is that countries like China, if allowed to sell the U.S. critical bulk-power equipment, would be able to use that equipment as vectors through which to carry out cyberattacks on the nation’s power grid.

Such attacks could potentially prevent Americans from delivering and distributing food and other crucial supplies across the country. It could also damage the country’s military preparedness and leave America open to other kinds of attacks.

Ignoring these potential threats, Biden’s new executive order suspends the old Trump executive order for 90 days and says that “the Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued.”

Since it’s totally readable to predict that there will be such a replacement order issued, it’s reasonable to predict that the Chinese Communist Party will, before long, be granted access to the American power grid.

This is predictable because Biden’s son Hunter has had business ties with Ye Jianming, chairman of the massive, government-connected Chinese energy firm CEFC China. Also, Biden’s nominee for OMB, Neera Tanden, has ties to China.