The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA as they’re more commonly known, are one of the greatest protectors of animals in the world, with multiple teams and shelters dedicated to the protection of all animals.

However, a daunting, new challenge now lies before them, a challenge that no animal is able to overcome on its own.

PETA has taken the burden on their shoulders of combating… speciesist language!

What’s the story?

The war against freedom of speech has taken yet another, albeit surprising twist, as PETA steps up its efforts to take down the ever so bigoted individuals who use “speciesist” language.

Many believed it to be terrible when President Joe Biden claimed he would regulate the term “China virus” due to apparent racist connotations, however, PETA wants to take down words and phrases that are even worse!

Picture it.

Have you ever been out with your friends and you all set a challenge for the group to do but one person decides they don’t want to partake? Most usually label such a person as a “chicken”?

Or have you ever been deceived by someone so you call them a snake?

Well, PETA wants to see an end to this language, labelling it as supremacist.

In a statement given on Twitter, the official PETA account tweeted a lovely diagram, giving suggestions of what words can replace the very common labels such as “chicken”, “pig” or “sloth”.

Animal rights gone wild!

“Words can create a more inclusive world, or perpetuate oppression” was the claim made by the PETA account, effectively labelling anyone who engaged in said common language on the same level as actual racists and actual bigots.

PETA defended this policy, citing that these connotations of animals give into negative stereotypes, whereas animals such as pigs and snakes are quite intellectual despite what their names are used as.

The true question is, what do animals think of these words being used in a so-called derogatory manner?

Well, many media outlets attempted to reach out to various species of animals for comment to see how they viewed the situation.

Unfortunately, no responses were given as animals are not able to speak English, nor do they understand the meanings behind the words we speak or what we have decided to label them as.

PETA, keep fighting the good fight!