Comments by well-respected Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda have affirmed the fact that there is not enough available electricity to power all vehicles. The comments by Toyoda came during the auto giant’s year-end press conference. Toyoda’s assertion comes after the state of California looks to ban gas vehicles in the future. While some of these comments by Toyoda were mischaracterized by the press, what he is getting at is that politicians like to throw out that cars that use gasoline should be banned without understanding that the nation does not produce enough electricity to power the entire fleet of EVs on the road.

Comments Align With Musk

The comments by Toyoda are in agreement with similar sentiments expressed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. After building a wildly successful business empire on the backs of the EV sector, Musk clearly has a stake in the trajectory of this industry. However, even he recognizes that there simply is not enough electricity to transition completely away from gas-powered vehicles.

Where Will This Energy Come From?

Advocates of making the move away from gas-powered vehicles claim that this transition can happen if the nation simply increases its production of renewable energy. However, where will this new energy come from? Even with wind and solar energy production ramping up in recent years, there is still not nearly enough of this precious commodity to power EVs in record numbers. While they are admirable clean energy sources, wind and solar are not reliable enough to replace oil and natural gas as the primary power source for America’s vehicles.