According to a recent report by the Epoch Times, the Chinese government is running and sanctioning organ harvesting operations and then offering those harvested organs to patients — including patients hailing from the United States.

This report alleges that this harvesting is being done to live people against their will and often without sedation. Many of the victims of these barbaric practices are Chinese political prisoners and other prisoners of conscience scattered throughout the country’s many prison camps.

Chinese Organ Harvesting

Lu Shuping, a septuagenarian former resident of Shanghai who now lives in California, told a human rights group called the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong back in 2016 about what he knew of the Chinese government’s organ harvesting activities.

The interview has remained unpublished for more than four years out of concern for Lu’s safety.

Lu revealed that members of his own family were involved in these operations. For example, his sister-in-law’s older sister, Zhou Qing, was the director of the Shanghai Wanping Hospital in the Xuhui district. Lu recounted how, during a trip to China in 2002, Zhou asked if Lu could put her into contact with anyone in the United States who might require an organ transplant, particularly corneas, kidneys, or livers.

Speaking of Zhou, Lu also said that “her husband also told me in person that she went to a military hospital to do [organ transplant surgery],” that the work paid “quick money and the sum is quite large” and that the organs were “in really good quality, all fresh and alive.”

Lu said that Zhou revealed that she would often have nightmares about these surgeries because many of them were performed without anesthesia. Organs uncontaminated by anesthesia could fetch a higher value. Thus, the people victimized in these surgeries would be screaming in unimaginable agony.

As horrendous as this is, it is just one of the many similar allegations that have been dogging the Chinese regime for decades. Members of Falun Gong, in particular, have been persecuted for many years, often being confined to prisons, psychiatric hospitals and labor camps. A study from 2009 even hinted that those who questioned the regime would be slated to have their organs removed.

The Biden Administration Will Probably Do Nothing About This

Sadly, there is overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden and his family — especially his son Hunter — have been severely compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

The financial connections between the Chinese government and the Biden family run deep. Hunter Biden’s laptop even reveals that at one time, he was likely honey potted by a Chinese spy.

Now that Biden has been installed as president, it is virtually certain that he will do nothing about these outrages and may even work to cover them up.