On Wednesday night, President Biden has made a telephone call with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping for the first time since assuming office.

According to reports, President mainly expressed his worries regarding various Chinese policies that he described as aggressive and abusive.

President Biden was especially critical of how China behaves regarding international trade, repression in Hong Kong, the violations of human rights of Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, and the political pressure against Taiwan.

A White House press release stated that the President showed his commitment to the American values and freedom in the Indo-Pacific region by taking a pragmatic approach that will further the goals of both the U.S. and its allies across the world.

Happy New Year China!

In addition to this, President Biden and President Xi Jinping discussed topics of major global importance, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the end of the proliferation of weapons.

Biden also wished a happy Lunar New Year to Chinese people.

U.S. officials described President Biden’s action as conducive to the promotion of American interests, at the same time taken with precaution and knowledge of the Chinese establishment.

They characterized the relationship between the U.S. and China as that of a ‘strategic competition’ in which the winner will be the side that exhibits the greater strength.

The officials pointed out that the Biden Administration is bringing back the strength of the U.S. policy lost during the administration of former President Trump.

China likes Biden more than Trump

According to them, the previous administration made the U.S. weaker by the degradation of the U.S. political and economic model in the country and the erosion of ties with the global partners of the U.S, as well as by the ambiguity and volatility of the American policy.

The officials also claimed that the policy of the previous administration will be gradually changed to improve the international position of the U.S.

Along these lines, Presidential National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the new administration primarily wants to deal with Chinese violation of the international trade norms, to secure a more successful outcome in the competition with China.

As a final goal, Sullivan listed an increase in the living standard of American citizens.

The officials also talked about the negligence the previous administration showed towards traditional partners of the U.S., including India, South Korea, and Australia.

They stressed how the American cooperation with these countries brought a boom in economic growth and freedom in the Asia-Pacific region and emphasized that the unpredictability of Trump’s policy damaged allies’ trust in the U.S.

The officials pledged to restore the trust by redefining the U.S. policy toward China, which they view not only as a threat to American partners in Asia but also as ‘the biggest menace to the national security of the U.S’.

Many U.S. officials praised President Biden’s recent sanctions against Burma as the first step in the successful reinstitution of the U.S. role in Asia.