Climate activists never cease to surprise anyone, as they claimed a victory for their cause this week after a winter storm devastated parts of Texas, leaving millions without food or shelter.

The climate hysterics were bolstered even further, when President Joe Biden announced on Friday that the United States had successfully re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement, an agreement that will come with a huge cost for the American taxpayer, with the economy already on its knees as a result from continuous lockdowns.

How could any decent individual claim a victory?

Liz Sherwood-Randall, the Homeland Security Advisor, claimed after the Texas storm that this ‘extreme weather event’ is further proof that climate change is very, very real and that the United States is ‘not adequately prepared for it’.

She did hit the nail right on the head in her statement when she cited that what took place in Texas was an extreme weather event.

This proves nothing about the effects of climate change, as an extreme winter storm occurs roughly once every decade in the Lone Star State.

However, this fact didn’t stop Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from using this crisis as a way of building support for a Green New Deal.

AOC claims that if Texas had altered her infrastructure to align with a Green New Deal, then the damage would have been less.

This is categorically untrue, as a Green New Deal calls for fossil fuel energy to be replaced by wind and solar energy, which were two of the worst-hit energy production farms in Texas.

If the state had fully adopted this form of energy production, then millions of lives would have been lost.

The issue with the climate debate

The climate debate faces massive internal problems, even before either side can get their point across, as the climate hysterics will constantly accuse anyone who wants a proper debate on the issue as ‘climate deniers’, or ‘science deniers’, yet these same people also believe in 87 different genders, science doesn’t always go one way.

However, when Texas was hit with this horrific storm, that left millions of Americans without power, what did the government send in to assist?

The government sent in emergency power generators in order to get these homes and businesses affected back up and running, they didn’t send wind turbines or solar panels, as these forms of energy are incredibly unreliable, and would not have been able to help anyone in a time of crisis.

The President isn’t all cut and dry when it comes to this issue either, with his policies directly cutting the jobs of workers, such as those on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

When his government was questioned on what these workers should do, they were simply told to look for more work.

Experts agree that climate change is happening, but methods to deal with and adapt to this change vary depending on whom you speak with.

On one side, you have the AOC’s of the world, who demand drastic change that would negatively impact the lives of millions upon millions of hard-working Americans, and on the other side, you have rational individuals who are willing to debate with the other side on how we can come to a solution to climate change, without tanking the economy into the ground through reckless decisions such as spending billions of dollars a year on a global agreement that doesn’t actually have a direct effect on the climate.

The climate activists will ‘claim a victory’ here at the expense of millions of Americans, yet will always refuse to debate on how to solve this issue.

In time, this problem will catch up to them, but they can enjoy their ‘victory’ for now.