President Joe Biden is coming under fire from some of Russia’s biggest enemies. The critics of the president claim that he is not being tough enough on working to end a pipeline that Russia is building to Europe. Russia’s biggest adversaries throughout central and Eastern Europe are growing more anxious that Biden is not standing up to Russia as it relates to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany. Those against the pipeline say that its completion would be considered a big victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Importance of Stopping the Pipeline

The pipeline would help Putin in his goals to isolate Ukraine by further compounding its removal from Russia’s natural gas supply. The completion of the pipeline would allow Russia to completely bypass Ukraine by pumping gas straight into Europe.

The economic and geopolitical advantages for Russia would be great if the pipeline is completed to fruition.

Disappointment in Biden

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he was disappointed that Biden did not use all of his tools and power to stop the Nord Stream 2 project. However, Zelensky pleaded that it is not too late for Biden to change course and fight the pipeline.

While he was in office, former President Donald Trump used tactics to stop the construction of the pipeline. With the absence of Trump, Russia was able to start the construction again.

Criticism From Republicans

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also criticized Biden, saying that the president continues to bend to Russian demands.

McCarthy warned that Putin will use this new advantage to blackmail Europe through its energy resources. In the statement, McCarthy also criticized the president for canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline in the US.