On Friday, a Colorado District Judge Raymond P. Moore sentenced Richard Holzer, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, to 235 months in prison.

Holzer was previously found guilty in October and will serve a 19.5-year-long sentence, after which he will receive a 15-year-long supervised release.

The jury established that Holzer wanted to destroy Temple Emanuel Synagogue in Pueblo, a small city in Southern Colorado.

Holzer’s plan was discovered when he inadvertently disclosed his plans to undercover FBI agents during a meeting held on November 1st, 2019.

Without knowing that he is talking with FBI personnel, Holzer said that he plans to use explosive weapons to wipe out the synagogue and show that Jewish people are not welcome in Pueblo.

In a statement following the sentence, Acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin said that relevant institutions would keep preventing the acts against the safety of any group of American citizens and that no one will avoid responsibility for taking part in such acts.

FBI Special Agent Michael Schneider added that Holzer’s sentence confirms the dedication of the FBI and the U.S. legal institutions to prosecute every criminal whose actions are motivated by discrimination.

He emphasized that the fight against terrorism of any sort remains the highest priority of the FBI.

Along with explosive charges related to the Pueblo synagogue destruction, Holzer was pleaded guilty to hate crime, an attempt at forceful obstruction of religious freedom, and an attempt at maliciously damaging and destroying a building used for the interstate trade.

Following his arrest, the Pueblo extremist showed enthusiasm about being defined as someone willing to die for his nation.

A white supremacist profile

Holzer reportedly started his extremist activism as a contributor to the online forums in which he threatened to kill Jews.

Before the bomb plotting, the Pueblo extremist shared several violent social media posts, in one of which he published a video of himself standing in front of the Pueblo synagogue.

Probably the most extreme were Holzer’s public photos in which he was pictured holding knives and guns and displaying White supremacist symbols.

In a conversation with the undercover agents, Holzer talked about his preparation for the racial holy war dubbed ‘RAHOWA’ in white supremacist circles.

Not surprisingly, the Pueblo extremist showed a copy of Hitler’s '’Mein Kampf’’ to the agents.

Holzer’s capture and sentence come as a response to the increased alertness of the U.S. police and security forces following the 2018 Tree of Life Synagogue Attack that occurred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In a brutal shooting, a white supremacist Robert Bowers murdered 11 people and injured 6.

After a trial in which he was charged with 63 federal criminal counts, Bowers was sentenced to a maximum penalty of 535 years in prison.