You ever watched a US action movie that involves the President of the United States proudly declaring that they will not negotiate with terrorists?

It happens in almost all of them, yet President Joe Biden does not seem to understand this simple concept and why it’s a basic rule.

The foreign policy of this new President has been a disaster up until this point, accumulating in his first airstrike on Syrian soil just over 30 days into his first term.

However, this isn’t the major problem at hand at the moment in the Middle East.

Tensions have begun to rise, significantly

Under President Trump, the Middle East saw a small period of peace, after numerous deals were struck in the region to bring an end to the violence that has engulfed it.

All of this hard work has now come tumbling down, after an Iranian-backed terrorist organization, known as the Houthis, launched multiple ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabian cities.

President Biden has influenced this situation greatly but on a negative scale.

His actions alone effectively gave the green light to the Houthis to bomb Saudi Arabia and Yemen, after his administration removed the organization from the terrorist watch list, without demanding any concessions from them!

As well as this, the President has also opted to return to the negotiating table with Iran, the nation that is backing this terrorist organization, in order to strike another terrible Nuclear Deal.

The Biden Administration has also declared that the United States would no longer give support to Saudi Arabia, which is attempting to protect the government of Yemen from the actions of Iran, all whilst a civil war is waged within the internationally recognized nation.

The situation in Yemen is a dire one, one that is not helped by President Biden removing all Saudi support, effectively telling Iran and the Houthis to have at it.

The consequences?

Like all hasty decisions, there are huge implications and consequences that arise from them.

The decision from the President to stop the sales of precision-guided weapons to Saudi Arabia has started to rear its consequences after the Houthis launched numerous missiles towards Saudi cities.

Luckily, the Saudis were able to intercept these missiles before they hit their targets, however, with President Biden removing the Houthis militia from his terrorist watch list, as well halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East has now been thrown into a dire situation.

The Houthis now effectively have the green light from the Biden administration to take a foothold in the region.

The limiting of the Saudi Arabian air force will allow the Houthis to launch more attacks across the region, including in Ma’arib, where 2 million Yemenis fled to save their lives from the Iranian-backed terror group.

Actions have consequences, and the actions made by the Biden administration in the Middle Eastern region will result in mass casualties and a whole new humanitarian crisis after the government has taken decisions that literally make no sense.

As of yet, Biden or anyone from his team has not made a comment regarding the situation in the Middle East, which will allow the Houthis to bring down their reign of terror in the region, with the United States presently opting to support terrorists rather than her allies.