On Thursday, February 25, 2021, President Biden ordered attacks on certain facilities within Syria that military officials say Iranian-backed militia used. The attacks carried out without congressional approval are a retaliatory move against the bombing of U.S. troops in neighboring Iraq. According to Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, the attacks, which killed at least 22, were against specific targets. The Biden administration continues to say that they are not attacking Syria as a country.

Syria Calls U.S. Attack Cowardly

A statement from Syria’s foreign ministry read on their state media called the U.S. cowardly for how they handled the situation. They say that the attacks were illegal and will escalate tensions in the region.

Attacks Anger Russia

Meanwhile, officials in Russia who have strongly backed the U.S. policy on Syria say that they only had about a five-minute notice, and they are agitated.

Psaki Called Similar Attacks Illegal Years Ago

Jen Psaki, before she became White House press secretary, said in a tweet from 2017 that such attacks are illegal. That is a position that many Democrats have held for a long time, including throughout President Trump’s administration.

Need to Split Hairs on Syrian Attack

The Biden team seems to be trying to split hairs. They say that the attack was not against Syria but on isolated locations within the country. Remember that the Democrats insisted that it was illegal for Trump to bomb a Syrian airbase, even if he had reasonable justification because that would be attacking the country. Now, the Democrats seem to be borrowing that same thinking.

It is also vital to ask how it is legal for the Biden administration to order a contingent of U.S. soldiers into a foreign country and supply arms to insurgents. Imagine if China decided to bomb some targets in Iraq because some of their contractors got killed. Would the United States consider that a legal attack?