One of the main talking points throughout the 2020 election campaign, given by the right, was that Joe Biden was not physically capable of holding office, with many predicting that he would be unable to complete his first term.

The Democrats moved heaven and earth in order to protect him from public embarrassment and proving his critics right, that the current President of the United States may not be physically capable of maintaining a national office.

Foreign media outlets are now starting to discuss these issues, with Sky News Australia running a small segment that discussed President Joe Biden’s cognitive issues.

What did they discuss?

Sky News Australia host Paul Murray held an interview with the New York Post’s Miranda Devine, where they addressed concerns regarding the health of the President.

Devine rose the question regarding who was actually in charge of the country, after it was widely reported that Vice President Kamala Harris had been making the first contact with foreign leaders across the world, instead of the President.

However, the Biden Administration has previously stated that these duties have been assigned to the Vice President in order to help her ‘buff up’ her skills with foreign policy and to allow her to increase her wider skills.

Many Republican voters grew to believe throughout the 2020 election campaign that the Democrats were actually planning on ousting President Biden during his first term in office, in order to install Kamala Harris as President after him.

Only time will tell if that theory comes to pass, but the early signs of the Vice President’s involvement seem as if this could become a reality somewhere down the line.

Another example Devine takes note of is the inclusion of the First Lady, Jill Biden.

She references an interview the President holds with Univision, as he seems to imply that his administration has simply reopened old detention centers that the previous administration had opened.

‘Dr’ Jill Biden then buts into the interview to correct the President, saying herself that they are opening up these centers ‘humanely’.

Devine declares that the First Lady shouldn’t have been allowed to do this, as she has not been elected and she is not allowed to create that kind of policy.

She also takes notes of the lack of press conferences that the President has held, that being zero.

The majority of the news that comes out of the administration is directed through White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, with Biden yet to actually hold a presser and face questions from the media.

The fact that the media in Australia has picked up on this behavior has developed a huge cause from concern, with many suggesting that if the allies of America are picking up on the weaknesses of the President, then what are America’s enemies thinking at this time?