With barely 40 days having passed since Biden was inaugurated as president, the world has already been thrown into chaos as a result of his foreign policy.

Here’s just a short rundown of some of the things that have already begun going wrong.

The World Turned Upside Down

First, ISIS has returned to beheading people.

Under former President Trump, ISIS was virtually destroyed. This happened not only because Trump waged an extremely aggressive military campaign against them but also—and perhaps more importantly—because he stopped bringing weapons into the area. ISIS’ original rise was fueled in large part by the fact that the Iraq War empowered Iran and let terrorist groups take control of parts of Iraq in the ensuing chaos.

In addition to all of this, Obama’s state department had been arming ISIS fighters on the grounds that they were rebels against Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. Trump stopped all of this.

Second, as already alluded to, the U.S. is back to attempting to provoke war with Syria and topple Assad. Not only is this action empowering ISIS and other terrorist groups, but Assad’s overthrow doesn’t even serve any discernible American national interest. Globalists and shills for the military-industrial complex are dead set on fanning the flames of war anyway.

Third, Iran has been bombing American bases in Iraq and endangering American personnel. This again shows how the consequence of most American foreign policy in the Middle East has been to empower Iran.

And fourth, Nigerian Islamic militants have also recently kidnapped a group of 317 schoolgirls. This is even larger than a similar kidnapping in 2014 of 276 girls.

According to Reuters, this kidnapping occurred on Friday, February 26 at the Government Girls’ Secondary School in Jangebe, Nigeria. It was the second such action in a week. The Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram is infamous for having orchestrated such mass kidnappings in the past as well as a number of gruesome executions connected with them.

Police say they have already begun search-and-rescue operations to find the girls and return them home.

Trump understood that morally shaming terrorists accomplishes nothing. He also understood that wars waged without explicit American interests in mind often have disastrous, unforeseen consequences.

Biden, alas, either doesn’t understand these things or doesn’t care about them.