While the world was hanging on every last word of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during the Sunday night interview with Oprah Winfrey, not everyone was buying the sob story. Journalist Megyn Kelly did not mince words when she accused Markle of being “totally un-self-aware” during the entire bombshell interview.

Accusations by Markle

At least 17 million viewers tuned in to the live broadcast of the CBS interview hosted by Winfrey. During the two-hour program, Markle and her husband Harry essentially threw the entire royal family under the bus. In addition to revealing that “the firm” did not provide adequate care when she had suicidal thoughts, the biracial Markle also pointedly accused the royals of overt racism. This accusation came when she revealed that there were conversations within the family about how dark the skin of her son would be when he was born.

Kelly’s Response

Although Markle’s revelations generated an astounding amount of sympathy in many circles, Kelly was not buying it. Kelly said that nobody was going to believe Markle’s woe is me claims. The independent journalist accused Markle of complaining too much about her problems, despite living a posh life in a castle and covering herself in diamonds.

Kelly also pointed out that Markle is completely out of touch with the rest of the world. It is difficult to feel sympathy for somebody complaining about being “trapped” in a castle.

It should also be noted that neither Markle nor Prince Harry were willing to specifically name the people that they accused of racism. The vague accusations make it more difficult to believe the story that Markle and Harry presented to the world.