Ever since it first aired on CBS Sunday night, the world cannot stop talking about the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, there is one unlikely person speaking out after the interview.

Samantha Markle Breaks Her Silence

In response to the interview, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha is now alleging that her little sister was lying during some segments of the big revelation. When asked by Oprah about her relationship with Samantha, Meghan said the two did not grow up together and hardly knew each other.

But Samantha has a different story to tell. She was able to produce pictures spanning decades of her and Meghan’s history, proving that the two did indeed have a relationship.

Calling Her Out

During the interview, Meghan said that she had not seen Samantha in at least 18 years. However, Samantha produced a picture of the two together 13 years ago.

Meghan also claimed that Samantha only changed her last name back to Markle when she became famous after meeting Prince Harry. But Samantha reminded everyone that she was a Markle well before Meghan was, pulling out her college diploma dated 1997, showing that her last name was printed as Markle.

Other Rebukes by The Daily Mail

In addition to Samantha calling foul on some of the claims made by Meghan during the interview, The Daily Mail also called into question how much Meghan was telling the truth.

According to the British newspaper, Meghan fudged the facts about how the royal couple married prior to the televised wedding as well as details about her son Archie’s title within the monarchy.