The United States military is arguably one of the strongest and one of the proudest in the world, however, if they were to engage in a global conflict with the Chinese State 10 years from now, they’d be in for a world for trouble.

That’s right, a simulation conducted by the United States Air Force has run numerous times over in order to determine the outcome if China and the US entered into a war in 10 years’ time.

What did they learn?

The simulations were conducted in order to determine how far behind China, in terms of military strength, falls behind the United States, and the results were shocking.

The US has been slacking behind China in all aspects ever since Covid struck the US down to the knees over the last year, whilst China flourishes having almost ignored the virus altogether after the initial outbreak. Now, the US Air Force finds that all military branches do not stand a chance against Chinese forces if the two states engaged in warfare in the next 10 years.

The simulation began with China deploying biological weapons to neutralize many American bases as well as their fleets in the Indo-Pacific region.

What followed after was devastating, with the Chinese forces launching a devastating number of missile strikes on US bases within the region, before deploying a mass air and land assault on the island of Taiwan.

The simulation concluded, every time, that China would win the war in a very short space of time.

Why is this significant?

A report conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations labeled as ‘The United States, China, and Taiwan: A Strategy to Prevent War.’, concluded that Taiwan would be the biggest ‘flashpoint’ for a war between the US and China, that will ultimately end up in defeat for the US, as concluded by their own simulation.

Admiral Phil Davidson, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command, has warned that China may attempt to annex the island of Taiwan ‘in this decade’, which would be the main catalyst of war.

The Pentagon’s own simulations suggest that the US would be unable to defend Taiwan if war broke out, and due to China’s heavy investment in military tech, the Pentagon soon discovered that the US was losing faster and faster in every simulation conducted.

The administration has decided to act, with a full investigative task force, led by Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin, in order to look into the deteriorating security of Taiwan, as each simulation suggests that every time China invades Taiwan and the US gets involved, the US will lose.

However, not everything coming out of the Pentagon is doom and gloom.

The one positive that was able to arise from these simulations is that the Blue Team, which represents US forces, have been fighting in the simulation that does not account for the current spending plans by the Defence Department, which has been increased since Lloyd Austin was appointed.

If war were to break out, however, the US could be in for a sticky situation in the Indo-Pacific region.