If things continue as they have been, eventually, we will reach a state that we can describe as the progressive singularity.

This is a state where everything will be inverted, nothing in society will function properly and everyone will be inflamed with the urge to bring on permanent revolution — creating yet more chaos and upending of what little remains that still passes for social order.

Men will be women, women will be men, no one will raise children, and white men — because, in the progressive mythos, they are the worst thing that has ever happened and are, by definition, responsible for all of the world’s problems — will essentially be turned into a class of serfs, assuming they aren’t killed off outright.

The transgenderism phenomenon is one major step on the way to eventually bringing about that state of affairs.

By erasing the distinction between men and women — which has been objectively established by biology in our very chromosomes — the left will create an atomized and confused populace that will be vulnerable to any sort of propaganda, no matter how ridiculous. People with no moorings will fall for anything.

And now, the left has made one big step on the road to creating that demoralization: A biological male has just officially won a female beauty contest.

The World Turned Upside Down

This week, a biological male who calls himself Kataluna Enriquez was crowned “Miss Silver USA.” This beauty competition is the biggest preliminary competition for selecting those who will eventually compete for the title of Miss Nevada USA.

A man could — and, at the rate things are going, probably will — become Miss Nevada.

Though Enriquez was happy about winning, he complained about being required to provide documents that would certify that he was “really” female.

It’s bad enough that biological males are already being allowed to outcompete women and girls in sports — thereby stealing women’s opportunities to win athletic scholarships, for example — but now, they’re beating them in beauty contests, too!

What can one even say about this that would properly describe its complete and utter insanity?

No doubt, the actual women who competed in the Miss Silver USA pageant are upset, but progressives don’t care about women if there’s an even bigger victim group for them to pander to.

What this all portends for the future is pretty terrifying. But isn’t it amusing to observe how feminists have recently started complaining about biological men being allowed into traditionally female spaces? Oh, well. You reap what you sow.